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Is it being a worthy option thinking about software migration testing? Here is the answer for you!

During the application modernization process, when an application is migrated to a different server and the technology is updated to the next version, we test thoroughly end to end alongside the successful migration from the existing system to the new system. Not doing so can invite many unintended issues leading to the failure of the entire migration exercise. That’s why it is important to take software migration testing seriously before planning out any legacy system migration whether it’s application migration, migration to cloud or any other kind of data migration.


What Is Software Migration Testing?


In simple words, Software Data Migration Testing confirms that an application’s data can be migrated with minimal disruption while ensuring that all specified functionalities are met or exceeded. When an application is moved to a different server and technology is updated to the next version, testing ensures thorough testing of the whole application and its successful migration from the existing system to the new system.

As has been discussed, software migration testing helps take advantage of an upgrade that has obvious business and operational benefits for enterprises. However, migrating software isn’t as easy as taking stuff from one place and storing it in another. Eventually, the user experience should be better if not the same, after migration, but there are several factors involved in this process that can affect its success—including whether your old system worked well, to begin with. Data integrity is one of the most critical factors in migration testing since any glitches in data migration can cause risky failures that affect company revenue.


Benefits of Software Migration Testing


Data migration testing in software testing is a process during which the testers are required to check the hardware and software configurations, firewalls, and ports, as well as basic checks on the software application to ensure there are no data leakages or loopholes which can create a cyber-security issue. The connectivity between different modules of the application will also be tested.

In short, the cost of running and maintaining an application is reduced with an upgrade. The user experience is enhanced with the added features and fix glitches if any. A bug can be a major risk to the business, so it is removed by upgrading the Magento version. There are several cases globally where retailers successfully upgraded to an optimum level using migration testing.


Tips for Effective Migration Testing


Here are some best practices for Pre-migration testing.

  • Assess the feasibility of your migration with a pre-migration impact assessment.
  • Prepare a comprehensive cloud migration testing strategy.
  • Put in place a proper migration testing strategy in place.
  • Identify the key resources you have and assign them
  • Put in place a proper configuration management policy in place
  • Prepare a suitable stakeholder communication plan
  • Draft a high-level first-cut project plan and identify the hardware and software requirements for the later phases.
  • Define project risk management process
  • Update the risk register while also refining your project related primary estimates.
  • Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of the interface in an application that want to migrate.
  • Ensure that data flowing in the interface is highly secured.
  • Create a wide range of test cases, test scenarios and probable use cases while considering new applications and then execute test cases and logs stored.


Why Software Migration Testing is Important for Businesses


As the famous saying goes, ‘the taste of pudding lies in eating”, similarly, we can easily infer that any system cannot work fine unless the data has been migrated successfully or the new system has been installed successfully in the case of application upgrade. It ensures the system behaves as per expectation without any glitches and causing inconvenience to its clients/customers.

It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. It occurs for various reasons—including server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance, or upgrades—and it’s essential to understand why you’re doing it and the impact it will have on your company.

Before migrating data, extensive testing should be done to ensure that the migrated data does not impact the bank’s business by suspending or stopping functionality that was working earlier in the previous version of legacy system. Testing is an essential part of any migration, as it helps uncover issues with data quality and will have to be cleaned.


Why Choose CG-VAK for Software Migration Testing


Being a leading independent software testing company in India, it enables enterprises to customize their products to best suit their specific needs, but also because it can accommodate multiple tenants. If you have a particular business process that sets you apart from the competition or gives you an advantage. As a recognized data migration company in India, we offer custom technology solutions across the globe. We have a proven track record of executing many projects successfully.

Whether it’s enterprise application integration, enterprise data migration, software product development, software migration testing, legacy systems and application re-engineering, migration to the cloud or platform transition, we do it all easily. Contact us now to achieve your business goals!

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