Rich Internet Applications

Business is all about interaction, communication and collaboration. And we all know how information technology frameworks and digital marketing tools have changed the way businesses work today. Currently, interactivity in websites is highly regarded and the knowledge and practice of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) has become imminent and indispensable for web developers.

CG-VAK’s Rich Internet Application development services deploy state-of-the-art technologies and years of development experience to build applications that reduce installation complexities and increase compatibility with all web browsers.

Know Why It is Important That Your Company Adopts RIA Services?

A Rich Internet Application is a Web based application that has almost all features and appearances of desktop application. Only difference between the two is RIA solutions have extended user interactions and better data communication.To develop robust RIAs, we use web development techniques like Ajax, Flex, Flash ActionScript, Adobe AIR, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, MS Silverlight and CSS3, and other effective Open Source Platforms.

With advancements of the internet realm, the demands of clients for internet applications have been evolving.

RIA applications run independently on sandbox and do not require additional software installations. RIA is a superior version to traditional web browsers and has a user-friendly infrastructure for text, images, audio and video storage.

Most Websites that have Static HTML Pages are being Transformed Now to Elusive Rich Internet Applications that Offer Profound Interactivity

What CG-VAK Offers?

CG-VAK, with a wide knowledge of technologies, Strong team of developers and a vast experience of 23+ years in the industry, offers Rich Internet Applications that boost your sales conversion rate almost instantly.

  • Tailor-made RIA Applications
  • RIA Consultation
  • Reusable Components for Design and Development
  • Adobe RIA Development
  • Microsoft Silverlight Development
  • RIA Development in Angular JS with CSS Standards
  • CSS3 and HTML 5.0 Design and Development

Benefits of Rich Internet Applications:

  • Highly Responsive: Reduction in the need of reloading a page, when proceeding to next step, helps offer smooth functioning on all devices.
  • Capable Synchronization: Saves revenue through customised synchronization of master items
  • UX Rich Features: Get access to superior functionalities, such as drag & drop and other features of desktop applications
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate effortlessly with multiple modules and systems, such as quality control, material management etc.
  • Targeted Focus: Now visualise the product and customise according to user needs and company requirements
  • Agile Methodology: Develop software project in incremental cycles using methodologies like Scrum, feature-rich development and more

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