Mobile Compatible Websites

If your website is not mobile friendly, chances are quite high that you are already losing out 40% of your online customers. Why and how?

  • There are around 2.5 billion mobile phones in the world
  • Smart phones are outselling PCs
  • Every household owns at least 3 smartphones as opposed to 1 laptop/desktop
  • Smartphones are pocket friendly and superfast, thanks to 4G networking and elevated RAMs
  • Smart phones drive 13% more audience everyday than PCs
  • Each day around 25 – 30% of mobile users globally browse the internet via their handset

From a statistical point of view having a mobile friendly website will be a necessary than having it as an ‘additional service’. Soon mobile web browsing will dominate the internet realm. If you are a customer driven company, creating a mobile version of your website should be your immediate business development and marketing strategy. And you cannot bargain here by using the desktop version for your mobile users.

If you truly want to expand your business and bring in more clients, partner with CG-VAK, an ISO certified company that has proven expertise in building state-of-the-art mobile websites based on your current web portal.

Everything is On the Move – So Should be your Website

One of the greatest benefits of having a Mobile Compatible Website is that it streamlines the content and delivers it to your globally scattered clients effectively.

Since everything is moving in the view of evolving technology, your website should not lag behind either. Use our extensive range of mobile web development services and a team of competent web developers, who are capable of classifying various web browsers,to personalise a mobile web content that fits most browsers, even the not so popular ones.

While developing a mobile friendly website, we try to focus on two key elements:

  • End-to-end analysis of existing website and
  • Identification of the most important content and making it compatible with multiple web browsers

Our Responsive Web Design Technique Adapts to the Layout of the Environment that it is being Viewed On

There are so many devices with different resolutions and sizes. And it is so impossible to create a version for each web resolution. CG-VAK deploys a robust responsive web design technique that allows us to develop an all-inclusive mobile web design that automatically adapts to the environment it is being browsed on.

  • We ensure complete Mobile Web Browser compatibility on all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian.
  • We develop an architecture that ensures best user browsing experience, such as pleasing colours, useful information position, minimum scrolls, less typing and more.
  • We make sure the websites are continuously optimised for quick downloading and reloading

Features of Our Mobile Website Design and Development Service

Easy website accessibility strategy

Professional layout

Adheres to stated Web Standards

No visual noise

Mobile oriented content placement strategy

SEO friendly sites

Traffic generating mobile site promotion

Effective online marketing planning

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