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CG-VAK’s IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) offers a suite of steadfast, highly adaptive and responsive infrastructure services and solutions that help automate organization’s IT requirements and deliver value to business.

We Proactively Eliminate IT Issues and Provide an Eco-friendly and User-Interactive Business Environment

CG-VAK’s remote Infrastructure managed services, manages and monitors several mission critical servers and network security and appliances of our customers. All our innate services spans over client’s specific needs, which enable them to enjoy personalized IT infrastructure solutions – this makes us stand apart. Our 23+ years of experience in IT and software industry has made us clearly realise that every business comes with multi-faceted IT pre-requisites. so deploying standard service packages for a long-term benefit is not viable or profitable.

Our dynamic and proven service offerings cover up the complete infrastructure lifecycle – Plan-Build-Implement-Control – which includes data center, infra consulting, enterprise networking, end-user computing, enterprise security, IT infrastructure operation management, and other transformational services.

An IMS Team with Experts in More than 16+ Countries; a Strong Eco-System; a Robust Delivery & Data Footprint

Our certified domain experts proactively serve over 500+ clients, from several industrial sectors, including Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Health, Media, Government and Retail. We take care of scheduled maintenance, OS patching, server administration (Windows, Virtualization, Unix/Linux and more), Anti-virus upgrades and other critical processes in an organized fashion that eliminates time wastage. Our work process starts only after getting Change Management approved from Change Advisory Board.

Our Comprehensive Services Feature

Professional issue analysis

Continuous maintenance programs to eliminate outages

Improved operational performance

Cloud Administration

Scheduled backup services

Operating system and application patching

Highly Efficient Cloud Server Administration

CG-VAK also has proven solutions in automating IT infrastructure in the public/private cloud for web hosting, application migration, and testing cloud infrastructure. Our IMS cloud services offers the following:

  • Disaster recovery solution and on-demand testing
  • Cloud infrastructure administration and migration
  • Identify, patch and fix IT vulnerabilities
  • Highly secured integrated solutions
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Private and public cloud support

We Closely Monitor Network for Optimizing

We completely back up and regulate your network server to fine-tune your IT operations for optimizing performances. We cover everything in the network, from mail servers, web servers, Database servers, Backup solutions, to resource utilization, routers, switches, firewall and much more. Our exclusive features include

  • Year-long monitoring and maintenance
  • Proactive and reactive alerts
  • Steady reporting of outages
  • Mail/ Phone and SMS alert notification system
  • Vulnerability assessment on regular intervals
  • Day to day support
  • New implementation support
  • Regular backup configuration
  • Rapid and proactive response to outages
  • Protected and secured network server

Enjoy Comprehensive Database and Information Security Management Services

We have a separate database management and information security team that provides timely and accurate administration. While, the DB management team helps clients to configure HA (High-Availability) for critical data base, our certified domain experts in information security take proactive and diligent actions to diagnose, block and prevent threats and intrusions in network perimeter appliances.

Database Management Service Features

  • HA building for critical database servers
  • Performance fine-tuning
  • Shorten recovery times
  • Elevated customer support and guidance
  • Log analysis

Information Security Service Features

  • Real-time behavioral analysis
  • Virtual analysis for continued network protection
  • Update antivirus patches and upgrade operating system to latest version
  • Use IDS/IPS security appliances

If you want to achieve operational efficiency, exceed uptime targets, maintain information security and meet regulatory compliances across your network, your data base and information security system, your network infrastructure and its entire management should be unparalleled and highly efficient. Utilize our services to reduce operational costs and enhance service performances.

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