Infrastructure Management Services Made Easier and efficient – Remotely

Our Comprehensive Services Feature:

Professional issue analysis

Cloud Administration

Continuous maintenance programs to eliminate outages

Scheduled backup services

Improved operational performance

Operating system and application patching

Highly Efficient Cloud Server Administration

CG-VAK also has proven solutions in automating IT infrastructure in public/private cloud for web hosting, application migration and testing cloud infrastructure. Our IMS cloud services offers the following:

  • Disaster recovery solution and on-demand testing
  • Cloud infrastructure administration and migration
  • Identify, patch and fix IT vulnerabilities
  • Highly secured integrated solutions
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Private and public cloud support

We Closely Monitor Network for Optimizing

We completely back up and regulate your network server to fine-tune your IT operations for optimizing performances. We cover everything in the network, from mail servers, web servers, Database servers, Backup solutions, to resource utilization, routers, switches, firewall and much more. Our exclusive features include

  • Year-long monitoring and maintenance
  • Proactive and reactive alerts
  • Steady reporting of outages
  • Mail/ Phone and SMS alert notification system
  • Vulnerability assessment on regular intervals
  • Day to day support
  • New implementation support
  • Regular backup configuration
  • Rapid and proactive response to outages
  • Protected and secured network server

Enjoy Comprehensive Database and Information Security Management Services

We have a separate database management and information security team that provides timely and accurate administration. While, the DB management team helps clients to configure HA (High-Availability) for critical data base, our certified domain experts in information security take proactive and diligent actions to diagnose, block and prevent threats and intrusions in network perimeter appliances.

Database Management Service Features:

  • HA building for critical database servers
  • Performance fine-tuning
  • Shorten recovery times
  • Elevated customer support and guidance
  • Log analysis

Information Security Service Features:

  • Real-time behavioral analysis
  • Virtual analysis for continued network protection
  • Update antivirus patches and upgrade operating system to latest version
  • Use IDS/IPS security appliances

If you want to achieve operational efficiency, exceed uptime targets, maintain information security and meet regulatory compliances across your network, your data base and information security system, your network infrastructure and its entire management should be unparalleled and highly efficient. Utilize our services to reduce operational costs and enhance service performances.

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A Place Where Technology Integrates with


to Provide Finest Solutions

CG-VAK provides you with a steadfast team, comprising of in-house developers and project managers, for each individual project, regardless of how small or complex your needs are. Partnering with CG-VAK means complete transparency and 100% work collaboration, with daily, weekly and monthly timesheets so that you know how far we have come and how close we are to project completion and delivery

Types of Project Development Models

Retainer Model

For regular, on-going, and large projects, we suggest that you go with our Retainer Model. In this model, you will get the benefit of pay-as-you-go every month in the form of a rolling contract. Cost-effectiveness is the biggest benefit of our retainer model. You not only get to pay in easy monthly installments but also get a dedicated resource exclusively for you. This model is easy to work around as it is accompanied by best in-house staff all the time, so much so that they will make themselves an integral part of your company until the project is delivered and active at your end.

Fixed Price Model

A Fixed Price Model is suggested for those projects that have a clear scope and well-defined requirements. If your project goal, budget, prerequisite, and time-period of delivery is already determined, this model should be your ideal choice.

In the project consultation phase, we will come to a mutual agreement that would define the amount of work to be done, the exact project delivery date, and the determined fee of the entire project. With this model, you will have an exact idea about the invested time and money, making the process simpler and transparent.

Benefits of a Retainer Model:

  • Get a complete technical infrastructure along with a dedicated expert team of developers, strategists, and a project manager.
  • Monthly billing model at your end, and can be used for any number of projects you have, since the resource is on dedicated full-time allocation to you
  • Pay for work based on measurable time sheets
  • No hidden costs; complete transparency
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • No fixed price
  • Personalized package based on the complexity of work
  • Dedicated resource giving you 160 hours (Full time) of productive work every month
  • Not set-up and initiation fees

Benefits of a Fixed Price Model:

  • A set routine, better clarity and a uniformed expectation
  • Know the overall project rate at the beginning itself
  • No change in price until the end of the project
  • Can be upgraded anytime into a Retainer Model
  • Price will change if the scope of project changes
  • Project amount can be split and paid with each process step completion
  • Less risky, cost-effective and more informed
  • 100% data protection
  • Delegated with a dedicated project team, comprising of developers, project manager,and consultant

Get Most Out of Our Professional and Dynamic Development Team

  • Certified developers with proven expertise in web application development
  • Each project developer is well versed in the English language, ensuring uninterrupted communication
  • We assign developers whose skills specifically match your work requirement
  • Get results delivered on or before schedule
  • Get an option to hire developers on a dedicated full time basis
  • Detailed worksheet will be shared along with Google docs, confirming to our promise of 100% transparent dealing.
  • Withdraw from the project anytime.

We Guarantee

a Protected, Cost-Effective and Obligation-

Free Project Development

Well Trained and Certified Developers

Our developers are hired after several screening processes. So be rest assured, for you will be assigned with only certified developers whose skills, experience, and knowledge processing match your scope of the project. Their competency and analytical & cognitive skills make them an expert consultant in the given field. Therefore, you will also be benefited with rounded insights, tactics, project management tips, and technical assistance throughout the development lifecycle.

However, if you are not satisfied with their work delivery, under our 100% productivity guideline, we will immediately provide you with a replacement. Under any circumstance, work quality will not be compromised.

Free Consultation from Technical Experts

All you need to do is get in touch with us. We will thereafter assign you with a technical expert who will listen to your ideas and requirements, and work out the best estimation, including budget and approximate process steps at no-additional-cost, everything within 24 hours. For complex project scopes, we may take a little longer to provide an estimation, to ensure no stone left unturned..

Our project consultation is free of cost. Whether we move forward or not, to the development stage, we give our words to honor our ‘customer ideas protection principle’ and other NDA terms.

Exclusive Money-Saving Solution

CG-VAK guarantees a project development cost as low (or lower than) as your local developers, but with better project handling, state-of-the-art technology, and highly robust development team.The strong foundation on which we run our successful outsource software services, is our 220+ talented team of resources backed by a competitive, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We are an amalgamation of competitive pricing and unbending quality. We give you complete freedom to cross-verify our estimated price with other companies. We guarantee you will find the difference, in terms of both quality and pricing. You will not only save money by working with us, but you will also be associating with a partner who is ready to assist you technically and boost your ROI.

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