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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a template language that is mainly used to illustrate the look and design of documents developed using mark-up language. CSS is most frequently used to style HTML and XTML composed pages and interfaces, the dialect can be connected to any sort of XML record, thus incorporating plain XML, XUL and SVG. Hyper Text Mark-up Languages (HTML), on the other hand, is a mark-up language used for organizing and introducing new content for the internet; it is also a centre for innovation of the web.

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CG-VAK offers customised HTML and CSS 3 development services for our global list of clients – both small and big. We consistently deliver tailor-made websites that reflect great designs and smoother functionality.

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Both HTML and CSS 3 are highly recommended by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in web development, as both as both are commendably capable in changing the way websites are designed and developed. When these two programming languages combine, they create an immense power over the structure and presentations of web documents. With CG-VAK’s 24 years of experience and qualified skills backing its operations, it will be much easier for businesses to gain elegant and modern Web presence in a cost effective and time effective way.

Outsourcing HTML5 and CSS3 Projects to CG-VAK is Dependable Because:

  • We provide highly skilled CSS3 and HTML 5 specialists, team managers and developers
  • Check our prices with your local market. We guarantee highly competitive prices, particularly benefitting SMEs and start-ups
  • We are ISO certified and have 23+ years of experience in web development, successful delivered over 1200+ large scale projects – this can definitely boost your return on investments quickly.
  • On project completion, we provide prompt and timely assistance on technicality know-how, maintenance and upgradation and other support solutions
  • We thrive to continuously stay abreast of the ever so evolving web technology so as to give our clients flexibility in decision making, and freedom to fully personalise solutions

Common Applications of HTML5 and CSS3 Include:

  • Transform Native mobile application to HTML5
  • Develop brand new application using HTML5
  • Design and develop state-of-the-art CSS3 website templates
  • Simplify user interface and replace Adobe
  • Make your website, smartphone friendly
  • Improvise visual designs

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