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Automation testing trends that you need to adopt in 2021

While the enterprises are relentlessly under pressure and facing many challenges in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. Which also accelerated that many companies have to go 100% digital. Like many enterprises, begun to adopt digital transformation. Though in this pandemic situation computing, is done through Apps and software with your resources and clients.

CG-vak understands the value of software testing and quality assurance (QA). Recently, software testing trends that outlined to accelerate release cycles while maintaining high-quality software products. Without compromising with cost optimization. Some testing trends to overcome the challenges in 2021.

Are you Stagging?

Let’s find out the trends to follow:

Codeless automation testing:

  • In 2021. many enterprises will be adopting code-less testing tools will be the main software testing trends.
  • Stats gives us over 40% of users are ready to use script-less test automation solution of the year. So, this is considered a top trend for the users to invest in throughout 2021.

Hyper automation testing:

  • Hyper-automation is also active automation. While automation tending to perform using RPA, ML, AI, and NPL are known as hyper-automation. The use of these techniques is significantly trending these years.
  • The significance of hyper-automation actively implemented by many organizations to minimize the manual effort and saves the organization costs to run in the long term.

Cloud-based software development & testing:

  • It predicted that the cloud spending for the whole year is a rise of 19% estimated. While you are out of your premises working from home, using cloud-based software. You can persist of secure, reliable, cost-effective. As the need for automation arose there will be more enterprises will be begun to use cloud services.
  • 2021 will highlight these needs of functional and non-functional testing. Which includes:
    • Security testing
    • Performance testing
    • Accessibility testing
    • Chaos Engineering
    • Penetration testing
    • Robotic process automation (RPA)

Since moving to the cloud will help us out with cloud-based automation and collaboration tools. These may embrace Agile development for remote workers.

IoT testing:

  • There are 25 billion internet-connected devices in 2021. These stats clearly explain the rise of interest in the IoT field with IoT devices is connected, With more devices. By Generating a large amount of data. So, effective IoT testing strategies are formidable.
  • To protect from vulnerabilities and threats and ensure data security. The Major demand for software testers to perform testing. The ability to perform IoT testing will be resulting from the enterprise. By maintaining security, combability, data integrity, performance, authenticity, easy to use, etc.

Big data testing:

  • Big data plays a vital role by getting bigger and playing considerable roles in many enterprises. While need in many industries. The mining of structured and unstructured data needs end-to-end testing.
  • Big-data testing gives us the quality, integrity, and accuracy of data that is essential in software testing. Since every enterprise data are growing with the complication of big data testing plays a significant role in 2021.

AI and ML in testing:

  • Over 60% of the enterprise are looking to invest in AI & ML codeless testing. AI algorithm helps to identify the test case in need of both manual and automated testing. It helps us to determine and eradicating unnecessary test cases.
  • The demand for artificial continues to grow because the use the number of apps increases day by day. It helps to identify the essential keywords.

Chat-bot tests:

  • By implementing chat-bot many enterprises provide 24*7. As users are expecting to` find answers from the website. it is very useful in global lock down. So, the support is extended.
  • With the power of ML-powered software and learning more about QA-ops testing enables the enterprises in 2021.

API end-to-end monitoring:

  • In the testing community API testing is considered as best in this year. Micro-service architecture on the web as software development. As we all know the API is mounting every day.
  • Though the QA team confirms these APIs are connecting and functioning separately. Automated API testing will triumph the test execution and reporting.

Cybersecurity testing:

  • As the matter-of-fact digital transformation continues in 2021, helps the testing engineers will witness many changes. AI and manual testing will help to gain more amount of attention.
  • Enterprises need to be up-to-date using latest software testing and QA service in order to stay ahead in this cutting-edge technology landscape.


If you need to accelerate your automation testing. And want to learn the secret by creating reliable, maintainable automation leap to CG-vak software.

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