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With more than two decades of experience in software product development and practical knowledge across 30+ industries, CG-VAK is adept at transforming outdated applications into modern solutions aligned with the future needs of businesses using our legacy app modernization solutions.

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Our Legacy modernization Services

At CG-VAK, we understand modern era digital challenges and offer end-to-end legacy app modernization services to help businesses extract new value from their outdated solutions. Our approach is based on mature software modernization and risk management practices, ensuring that your modernized digital platform is reliable, secure, and aligned with your business needs.

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Benefits of Legacy app modernization

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Why CG-VAK as your legacy app modernization company?

CG-VAK 7R Approach for Legacy application Modernization



Moving the application to a new infrastructure without making any modifications to the code or functionality.



Making minimal changes to the code to make it compatible with a new platform or environment.



Restructuring and optimizing the code without changing its functionality or external behavior.



Making significant changes to the code to add new features or capabilities while retaining its core functionality.



Rewriting the code from scratch to create a new application with improved functionality and features.



Replacing the legacy application with a new one that provides similar or improved functionality.



Decommissioning the legacy application that is no longer required or used.

Transform your legacy applications into powerful, scalable, and secure software
solutions that meet your current business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT Legacy systems can pose several challenges for businesses, including security vulnerabilities, limited scalability, high maintenance costs, difficulty integrating with modern systems, and a shortage of skilled professionals to maintain them.

Legacy application modernization involves updating outdated technology infrastructure and migrating data from legacy systems to modern platforms, to improve efficiency, security, scalability, and usability of systems.

Legacy application modernization involves updating the software code of legacy applications, replacing outdated programming languages, libraries, and frameworks, and making them compatible with modern systems.

The benefits of legacy application modernization include improved performance, increased security, enhanced scalability, reduced maintenance costs, better integration with modern systems, and improved user experience.

Application modernization is critical to achieving business goals. Outdated apps require a significant amount of money for maintenance and are not economically viable for organizations. Our legacy app modernization services can help reduce costs and optimize expenses.

The most suitable legacy modernization approach depends on several factors, such as the type of legacy system, the goals of modernization, available resources, and budget. Our experts can help you providing best strategy and approach in modernization techniques.

Signs that indicate the need for legacy system modernization include increased maintenance costs, low system performance, difficulty integrating with modern systems, security vulnerabilities, and outdated user interfaces.

It includes thoroughly assessing the existing system, identifying business needs and goals, creating a modernization roadmap, prioritizing changes, engaging end-users, testing the new system, and ensuring data security.

Software tools can help automate many aspects of legacy modernization, such as code refactoring, migration, testing, and deployment, making the process faster, more accurate, and cost-effective.

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