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Custom ERP Software Development Services

Running a business? Have your own custom ERP software system and manage your business easily. We help businesses develop custom ERP software system that helps on entire business process and focus on your core activities. Manage your business like a boss with our custom ERP services

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ERP solutions are the cost-effective, highly accurate, and readily available alternative to manual business operations. Today, more companies are switching to automated functionalities by relying on ERP programs. We have worked in many industries including finance, eCommerce, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, learning, and more. With all this collaborative experience in various industries, we take care of everything from custom ERP software development, deployment, maintenance, and support. You can get a complete package of solutions with our ERP software development services for your business challenges. Here is our custom ERP system built with functionalities covered by a comprehensive range of industries.

Document Management System

Regardless of the size of business levels, our custom ERP development services are tailor-made for your business. We help in creating ERP software that can easily organize your workflow and productivity, tracking documentation, through remote with any other devices such as mobile or desktop.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our Business Intelligence-powered ERP Software system enables you to track, analyze, monitor each and every business operation and provide you a complete report and database of your business in the market, whether it is successful or not you could take decisions and right step forward to reduce the loss. We help you with custom ERP […]

Project Management System

Facing difficulties in flexibility productivity of the project? Having trouble structuring the process of workflow? Our custom enterprise software development services help your organization able to handle all the challenges faced in the project. Out Custom ERP experts will help you in making a project management system that is able to solve complex issues and […]

Business Process ERP

Right from planning, monitoring, analytics, and reporting you can manage your business like a boss. We create custom ERP software for your business so that you can focus on your core activities.

Manufacturing sector ERP and warehouse management

With our ERP software development services, now you can manage difficulties faced in your manufacturing process. Our custom ERP software helps you overcome manufacturing issues, orders, warehouse management so that you can get a precise solution for the problems faced in the manufacturing process.

Inventory Management System

Most businesses have problems in tracking and reporting about the operations happening in the process. Being a leading ERP development company in India, we helped many businesses in making custom ERP software that helps them in tracking and made the process of supply chain management easy.

Human Resource Management ERP

For seamless workflow human resource management ERP is the best choice to implement. Manual operations such as employee management, reporting, performance monitoring are very monotonous. With the best solution i.e.., deploying a custom ERP software system, your entire workflow is streamlined and automated.

Purchase Order Management

We take care of your business by creating an ERP system that manages purchasing orders, tracking the inventory, and vendor management.

Software development Sector

Our custom-made ERP solution helps your business automate, manage, and integrates business processes. An ERP for software company leads to focus on the core activities and important decisions make your business stronger and streamlined.
Are you looking for custom ERP software development services? CG-VAK is your preferred partner for all your ERP software development requirements.

Save Overall Operational Cost and Lower Manual Errors to Increase Growth and Profitability

To enjoy complete benefits from ERP programs, connect with CG-VAK, a software & exports Indian company specialised in providing custom ERP development solutions. Our solutions help companies to make stronger and fact based solutions by using built-in data analytics.

CG-VAK’s Innate ERP Development Solutions Enable Organizations:

Easily procure critical key performances data or indices to regulate product & service profitability

Dig up crucial data in matter of minutes to ensure all your services or products are priced competitively both company and customers

With the help of predictive analytics, make informed and uniform decisions to normalise inventory and change management

ERP Software Development Services

With 27+ years of experience, we handled a comprehensive range of industries in ERP Software development services. CG-VAK is one of the leading ERP development companies in India which deliver a complete package of solution for all your business requirements. Explore our custom ERP software development services:

Custom ERP Software development 

We develop a highly efficient, scalable custom ERP software system that helps in automating your process with desktop, mobile, and also in web-based platforms. You can get any functionality and features for your system from our custom ERP software development experts.

ERP Implementation

Our ERP implementation services include deployment of configuration, implementing high-level security, manage, monitor and support the entire business process of your organization.

ERP Application Development Services

Develop stunning and high functionality applications with our ERP Application Development Services. With exclusive features, we create web and mobile applications with advanced platforms based on your business requirements.

ERP integration and migration services 

With help of our Custom ERP integration services, integrate your ERP with various Software platforms. We also help businesses migrating. Since the process would be complicated, with our ERP migration experts it is easy to migrate your legacy ERP system to the new one with advanced technologies and platforms.

ERP System Support and Maintenance

Right from database optimization, backups to hosting, monitoring, issue solving, we can help you maintaining and supporting your custom ERP system.

Why choose Custom ERP Services from CG-VAK?

Being one of the top ERP development companies in India, we helped 1000’s businesses in custom ERP software development successfully. At CG-VAK, we have dedicated software developers with immense knowledge in developing ERP systems that help you grow your business to the new reach with a competitive advantage.

Award winning ERP development company in India.

Dedicated custom ERP software developers.

27+ years in the IT Industry

Served 2500+ Businesses across the world.

Hands-on experience in custom ERP software development services working on all major industries.

Strong security policies.

Centralized access to all information at one place.

Multiple pricing models you can choose from

Manage global work force by leveraging an integrated design-build-run model.

Highly affordable pricing for custom ERP services.

Assured High product quality.

On-Time Delivery and 24/7 Technical support.

ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified Enterprise software development firm.

Having an idea to build custom ERP software for your business? We love to help you with custom ERP services. Make your ideas more creative and scalable with the most preferred ERP development company in India.

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