Mobile SEO

It doesn’t matter what business field you are in, which industry you are serving or what type of business you are doing, mobile phones play an imperative role for promotion, branding and sales. Percentage of number of searches from mobile phone browsers will soon out perform from tradition desktop browser base searches. It is therefore very important for businesses, be it freelance, home-based or corporates, to get their mobile website listed on popular search engines and local directories. This gives your business/brand a wider reach for your targeted online audience.

  • If smartphone and tablet users don’t find your websites while browsing, then you may need to work on your Mobile SEO, before your competitors get hold of your clients
  • CG-VAK’s Mobile website SEO caters service to several smart phone makes, including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian etc.
  • We offer bespoke, integrated, data-driven strategies including Mobile SEO, content marketing, landing-page optimisation and link acquisition
  • You can choose our Mobile SEO as a separate service or include it as a part of our comprehensive digital marketing package or web development project
  • It is the right time to optimise your mobile browsers and enjoy a staggering increase in your business profit percentage

Be an Early Bird to Reap the Benefits of a Dynamic Mobile SEO

CG-VAK is one of the very few companies serving the digital marketing space, that focus on Mobile Engine Optimization for brands and businesses. It’s quite unfortunate that not all businesses focus on optimising their mobile websites, although 80% of internet users access mobile internet at least once in a day. By using our Mobile Website SEO services, you will be an early bird an reap the benefits of mobile marketing as a source to promote and sell your products and services.

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