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Top 4 Challenges Faced By Software Testers And How To Avoid Them

Software testing plays a crucial role in any successful software development process. Software testers are your last line of defense before the product hits the market. However, Software testers face a lot of challenges in their crucial role. In this article let’s see the top 4 challenges faced by Software testers and the right solutions to make life easier for them.

Top 4 challenges faced by Software testers:

  1. Communication Gap
  2. Setting The Right Software Testing Process
  3. Lack of resources & right tools
  4. Haste to keep Up the deadlines


#1. Communication Gap:

Ask any experienced tester, this is one of the greatest difficulty (or challenge) to testers. In most projects, the software that finally comes out of production and the originally planned functions (& features) are not the same. Changes do happen on the go, and unless a streamlined testing process is implemented, these changes are not properly informed to the QA teams.
This leaves a huge gap between the developers and the QA team, sometimes this gap never gets fixed, resulting in a lot of bugs despite a highly qualified Testing team on board.
Take Away: The right approach is to ensure a QA member is involved in any discussion regarding changes, upgrades or new features for the project that’s not mentioned in the initial product architecture.


#2. Setting The Right Software Testing Process:

Establishing a perfectly working software testing process is more difficult than it sounds. Having said that, a company’s software testing process should ensure that the entire team (Developers, PMs, QAs as well as the Client) is strictly aligned. The challenge here is to bring the entire team together especially when they are working on different time zones and locations.
Take Away: Needless to say, it’s always better to ensure the team works in the same location (Branch) and time zone. In case if it’s not possible, you can at least ensure the team interacts on calls (conferencing or Skype) regularly to keep them on the same page.


#3. Lack of resources & right tools:

Often QA teams find themselves lacking enough resources or the right tool for the given job. Lacking specialists to handle various types of software testing requirements is another issue. Put together these two issues will reduce product quality and increase the time taken by your QA team.
With the right tools, your QA team can get the job done faster and with more accuracy. Furthermore, acquiring the right skills is also important to achieve better results, having a specialist on handing Mobile or Cloud application, for instance, can help you deliver greater quality to your customers.
Take Away: Enabling your QA team will the right tools and recruiting specialty testers into your QA team is certainly worth it. It will both enhance your testing process and reduce the delivery time.


#4. Haste to keep Up the deadlines:

Unrealistic deadlines will often result in less time being allotted for the QA process. Any delays caused during production is often compensated by reducing the time allotted to the QAs. Alternatively, short deadlines result in some of the QA suggestions being ignored. Either way, this will affect your software testers & their process and consequently the product quality.
Take Away: Ensure your QA team is included from the start of the project discussions to ensure the QA process is streamlined to your delivery time. It is important to test your product step by step as it is developed to ensure bugs, and issues are fixed on time.

By helping you deliver higher quality products software testers help you save 1000s of dollars spent on client retention programs. Remember better quality directly results in client satisfaction and encourages referrals from your existing clients. So makes sure to optimize your software testing process or choose a streamlined Independent software testing company to improve your quality delivery.

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