Privacy Policy

At CGVAK we are devoted to safe keep and upkeep your privacy while visiting our website or contacting us virtually.
This Privacy Policy provides us with information on the process we follow to maintain your privacy and the recovery of any personal data you provide to us or that we collect from you.

Data We gather

While you visit our website, we may gather and refine your data in the following ways:

i. By way of the resources, you examine not limited to communication data, location data, traffic data, weblogs, and others.

ii. The information provided by you, by filling in forms on our website, for example. Registering for subscriptions or making a purchase.

iii. By way of our communication in the form of a response when you register for any information/ inquiry.

Terms and use cases of Cookies

On requirement, we may gather information about your computer to provide statistical information regarding the usage of our website to our respective advertisers.
The purpose of collecting data is only to maneuver the statistical data about our visitors and their usage of our respective websites. This statistical data does not identify any personal details and is not used for any other purposes.
Cookies are automatically downloaded to your computer with your permission. The cookie file is stored on the hard drive of your computer such required information is collected through cookies and transferred to your computer’s hard drive.
You can also decline the acceptance of cookies to download. However, this may also tend to restrict your access to specific areas of the website which may not be accessible without accepting the cookies.

Usage of Information

The information that we collect from you is generally intended to improvise our service to you. However, we may also use this data for the following purpose:
i. To provide information on the products or services that you requested from us.
ii. To meet our contractual commitments to you without fail.
iii. Provide information on any changes to the product or services that we change on the website.
Please note that we will not pass any of your details or personal information collected to third parties.

Personal Data Usage

By submitting your data, you have agreed to the process of transferring, storing, or processing your personal information.
We comply accordingly with the norms, where we transfer data that we collect outside of the European Economic Area for processing and storing reasons. Data may also be processed by our professionals who are operating outside the European Economic Area as they technically work for us or for our suppliers. We are responsible for the data we gather from you and we take all the security measures to keep in consensus with our privacy policy.

Terms & Privacy Policy

The collected data is securely stored on our servers without any hassle. We encrypt the details that you have provided against your transaction or our website and thereby establish safety.
Of the data. However, the information that is transferred via the internet is not secured or encrypted for any reason. As the website is password protected, the confidentiality of your data lies in your responsibility with a secured password.

Data Protection Act

We legally tend to protect your data or information at any cause after collecting it from you. We will never share the information or data that you shared with us unless you permit us to do. We use the information only for the purpose you authorize us to do. You have access to your data without any hindrance and can rectify if there is anything incorrect or inexact.
We do not push you to purchase any of our products & services, and we do not retain any of your payment details after your purchase is completed. Though, we do not store any of your financial details. We only contact you in the future for products and services by the company.

Exhibiting Information

We can access or communicate with any member of our group with your personal information without any hassle. The information can be shared with our following our holding company, subsidiaries organization, and other subsidiaries if any we have or will have in the future.
The following information exhibits to disclose your personal information to third parties:
i. We tend to sell any or all of our business if needed and/or our assets to a third party.
ii. We are legally bound to disclose your data/information.
iii. In case any assistance is required in fraud protection we provide it to minimize counterparty risk.

Third-Party tie-ups

You may find any links related to third-party websites on our website. Check the privacy policy for your security from that website. We have no control over them and do not accept any influences or accountability for their policies.

Information Access

You have the right to access the information/ data that we collected from you. If you wish to receive any details/ information that we collected from you kindly reach us using the contact details mentioned below.

Connect with us

If you have any concerns, comments, queries, or requests related to this privacy policy kindly let us know. Talk with our GDPR compliance officer using this email

Your call may be recorded to improvise our quality and training purposes according to our privacy policy.