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Use React JS – Get better application with high ROI

React JS is the future of JavaScript. Not Convinced? Read these epic reasons to choose React JS for your future projects…

React is a JavaScript Library that was created by Facebook to run the web interface of Instagram, one of the most creative social media platforms. React JS is an open source library which can be also converted into a framework. For this reason alone, React JS is extensively used in web and mobile application user interface development.

One of the primary reasons for inventing React JavaScript was to build large applications that have recurrently changing data.

Furthermore, ReactJS streamlines the development, maintenance & support, and updating of UI component that tremendously help project developers working on projects with medium and great complexities.

Since React JS uses XHTML/XML type syntaxes, developers find it easier to create quick templates and highly secured coding. Developers can also create encapsulation components while creating complex UI for applications.

Difference between React JS and Similar Libraries

React uses a different approach as opposed to classic MVC that is usually used by other JS libraries. React JS lets users develop new application feature without hampering or changing the existing code.

Its server-side rendering feature allows pre-rendering the initial components in the server and ultimately make faster page loading, even without waiting for the entire component to load.

React opts for ‘Separation of Interest’, unlike other libraries that focus on ‘Separation of Duties’. This basically means React JS groups all the code based on the scope of usage than according to its functions, such as presentation, data etc.

Furthermore, React JS try to avoid two-way data binding, i.e. bidirectional data flow, and cascade update of DOM tree. Instead, it has introduced a new concept “Virtual DOM”, which greatly enhances application performance in the rendering process.

The Virtual DOM creates a data structure in memory to replicate the existing DOM, which ultimately stops re-rendering pages for any new change.

Why React JS Better – Benefits and More

  • It is backed by a wide developer community
  • It is a free open source library
  • Perfect for building high load, extra complex, and large application with changing data structure
  • Faster and enhanced updates
  • A product of Facebook, rest assured of its authenticity, scalability and performance up-keep
  • It offers a lightweight DOM for enhanced performance
  • Developers can create dynamic and scalable applications using data binding feature of React JS
  • You can create, recycle and integrate several components with React JS library
  • Most popular platforms, such as Twitter, Walmart, Netflix and New York Times use React JS for their web application development projects

Why Choose React JS – Exclusive Features

  1. It has an All-Inclusive JS Library

React JS can be used with or without JSX. JSX is a pre-processor for XML syntax and is a nice blend of HTML and JavaScript. With the help of JSX, developers can dynamic web applications in no time as it is known for reducing in writing components for applications.

  1. Virtual DOM

Usually updating DOM is considered the bottleneck when it comes to web performance. And DOM manipulations are still not fast enough. React’s Virtual Document Object Model is a memory abstraction of the UI components, which effectively manages and caches the changes made in the DOM.

Any view changes made are reflected in the VDOM first and then an algorithm is created to compare and differentiate between the current and previous DOM. After which, the Virtual DOM calculates the best way to initiate the changes with the minimum amount of updates.

  1. It is Awesome for SEOs

All of JavaScript Frameworks are not Search Engine Friendly, and that is their biggest weakness. Improvements have still not helped this challenge.

However, React JS is quite the friend of Search Engines – you can run React JS on the server, while the virtual DOM will be returned and rendered to the browser in the form of a regular webpage.  It is as simple as this.

  1. Enhanced User Interface

React JS is quite responsive when supporting web design. Unlike Angular JS, Firebase etc, React Native is truly focused on user interface. Java interactions between React Native and Native environment of the device provide users a responsive user interface. This increases application load time and helps the interaction run smoothly without any interruptions.

  1. Quite Efficient in Creating Own DOMs

React JS can develop its own DOM during the development process, ensuring scalable performance and superlative gains. The changes are calculated periodically and the DOM-tree is updated as and when required. This also helps users avoid costly DOM operations.

  1. Makes Testing and Debugging Easier

React JS installs the extension, which makes testing easier. It allows users to directly look into virtual DOM and since the DOM is created by React JS, the test cases can be more proficiently, yet easily written.

  1. Declarative Data Rendition and Seamless Event Handling

React JS offers a cross-browser interface with wide-ranging event objects to choose from. This minimizes data overhead. Furthermore, since React JS is used to build user experience rich mobile and web applications, the declarative form of React JS retrieves perfect data even when a lot of changes take place.

  1. Provides Native Architecture

You can create native applications for Android, iOS and cross-platform desktop applications using React Native.

React JS is quite unique, it is a proven technology for building powerful application interface and it is most useful for developing long-standing, modernized web and mobile app. If you are trying to develop a web application that is SEO friendly and that can handle continuous heavy moving web traffic, such as Facebook and Twitter, then you definitely should take advantage of React JS.

And if you are looking to hire proficient, qualified and passionate React JS developers who can build feature-rich web and mobile applications, contact CG VAK today and enhance your business performance.