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Significant Benefits of Laravel PHP over Plain PHP

Choosing the right framework can make or break your web application development process. So, it is important that you invest time in understanding each frameworks before you decide on the true ONE. However, if you are looking for a complete package, then Laravel should be your best choice. It is an open-source PHP framework used to build a variety of efficient web applications.

Laravel PHP framework is extremely reliable for custom software development, and more than 35, 000 developers around the world have given Laravel’s dynamic features and comprehensive functionalities highest stars.

Why is the Platform Magnificent?

Laravel can be used to develop web applications for several industry verticals, including business, entertainment, media, ecommerce, technology, news, and automobile.  The technology can be leveraged for building both browser and device applications. Laravel was created for those web applications development processes that followed the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural program.

Laravel has an expressive syntax, has the ability to simplify database migration and allows multiple user database access.

Web application development can be quite daunting and monotonous, but Laravel makes web development enjoyable, fulfilling and a knowledgeable experience. This is because the open source platform eases the common tasks like authentication, queuing mechanism, routing, caching, page-load performance and sessions.

Now that we know why this platform is so superb, let us also tell you why you should choose Laravel over plain PHP.

Benefits of Laravel PHP Framework That Set it Apart from Other Plain PHP

1. Acts as a Security Shield

SQL injection, cross-site request and cross-site scripting are some of the common vulnerabilities that affect system during web app development. However, if you use Laravel technology, rest assure of your system vulnerable exposures as it easily shields and protects application from several serious security dangers, leaving you to perform better on a safer environment.

2. Makes System Authentication Easier

It is necessary to establish an authentication system to provide role-based access to web application users. Laravel provides resource permission and applies effective authorization logic, and thus enables users to configure the roles, which ultimately makes authentication easier.

3. Easy Integration That Improves Web Application Performance

Now you can easily configure the system to store cached files on the back end by leveraging Laravel technology, as it has the capability to seamlessly integrate with multiple tools, like Memcached and Redis.

The integration with cache backend heightens the overall performance of the web application.

4. Effectively Combats Technical Vulnerabilities

Technical vulnerabilities can affect customer satisfaction severely. Laravel PHP is embedded with Mono-log logging library that works as a support for various log handlers, which effectively controls the errors that hamper user experience.

5. Features Automated Testing

Laravel’s automated testing functionality makes sure that any new change that takes place within the application does not affect the functionality of the application.

6. Follows MVC architecture

The Modular View Controller architecture of Laravel lets users to identify the difference between logic and presentations. Furthermore, the MVC architecture allows developers to improve performance and build documentation which provides several built-in functionalities.

7. Offers Dynamic Mailing Services

Most end clients seek for web applications that have the ability to send automated and instant mail notifications to users. Drivers like SMTP, Spark Post, Sendmails are few drivers that Laravel provides to allow clients to send and receive mails through local and cloud-based networking services.

Lavaral can also create customised notifications that can be sent via SMS, email and instant messaging system (IMS).

8. Meticulous Task Scheduling Process

And finally, Laravel’s command scheduler effectively handles tasks that schedule web applications commands, such as send emails to all its users or clear up the table end of the day. The scheduled tasks can be managed within application code and can be scaled using git source control system.

It takes very little time to complete a web development project using Laravel. This boosts the number of online traffic to your site immensely.  Hence, it is considered an all-rounder open source platform. We offer customised Laravel web application development services that are highly scalable and cost effective. We have enforced a robust development team for Laravel platform; so if you are a start-up or a giant business warrior, be rest assured, we keep everyone satisfied and help clients deliver amazing applications.

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