ReactJs vs VueJs 2020

JavaScripts is one of the best languages among developers, and its front-end frameworks are gaining rapid popularity. As you also know, nowadays, thinking about front-end development without JavaScripts front-end-framework is close to an impossible situation. In 2018, when VueJS revealed itself in the market of front-end frameworks, competition became tough for both ReactJS as well as AngularJS.

No doubt that they both are best with their own specifications and especially famous for their high performances and ease of learning. They both helped developers in designing better user interfaces.

Today, in this CG VAK blog, we are going to make a 2020 comparison between ReactJS and VueJS. Hopefully, you will be able to select one of them for your better use after going through this detailed comparison.

Popular features of ReactJS
React helps developers to create reusable and creative UI components. If you need frequent data change, then this library will suit your requirement as it possesses all the relatable components. Some important features which make React popular are —

  • Reusability of code components at various level
  • Powerful tools for developers
  • Robust and less error-prone coding
  • Better and fast performance
  • Medium learning curve
  • Stable
  • User Retention
  • Simplicity
  • Elegant style and pattern of programming
  • Backward-compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Better documentation

Popular features of VueJS
Vue helps developers to build single-page applications as it is an open-source JavaScript framework. Most developers use it as a web-app framework because it helps them simplify the web development process. It is one of the most used progressive frameworks to build attractive UIs for the web. Some important features which make React popular are —

  • Easy learning curve
  • Fast performance
  • Robust
  • Powerful tools for development
  • Increasing popularity
  • Time-saving development
  • Stability as well as backward compatibility
  • Best programming patterns
  • Easy integration
  • Two-way communication
  • Small size
  • Less error-prone coding

What are the similarities between React and Vue
Here we have mentioned a few of the similarities between VueJS and ReactJS —

  • They both give the best front-end experience by providing comfortable and attractive user interfaces.
  • React and Vue both use some version of JS, ECMAScript 6, and ECMAScript 5, respectively.
  • Developers can learn them easily if they know any of them, then learning the second one wouldn’t be a big task for them.
  • Both ReactJS and VueJS support Flow and TypeScript in terms of coding.
  • It is worth mentioning that they both utilize virtual DOM.
  • So, as we have discussed the similarities between ReactJS and VueJS, let’s move to our next point:

What are the differences between ReactJS and VueJS

Here are a few measurable differences of React and Vue —

    • React is a JS library, whereas Vue is a progressive framework.
    • Syntax of Vue is simpler and easier then React, which means developers who are familiar with other JavaScript frameworks can easily adapt Vue over React.
    • Vue has a better learning curve in comparison to ReactJS.
    • React takes more coding than Vue, so we can say Vue is better in terms of coding.
    • If we talk about performances, then it is worth sharing that Vue has better performance in terms of small single-page applications as ReactJS appears to be slower than VueJS.
    • To talk about mobile platforms as a factor to compare them, React has left Vue behind due to the launch of React Native as it provides cross-platform UI for native apps.

When to use VueJS over ReactJS?
If you want to create a smaller, flexible, and faster single page application, then opt for VueJS. It helps to fulfill the light-weight applications with modern and eye-catching User Interface. Vue has a modern UI library to help in crafting of topnotch single-page applications. If you are a programmer who loves to work on HTML, then nothing can be more interesting to work with than VueJS. It allows the reusability of the components to developers while making web apps, which makes it magical for them.

What are the famous companies using VueJS?

  • Alibaba
  • Gitlab
  • Adobe
  • Facebook
  • Xiaomi
  • Grammarly
  • Netflix
  • Behance
  • Codeship

When to use ReactJS over VueJS?
If you want to create large-scale applications instead of single-page applications, React is better to opt over VueJS. It is best to do easy migration with light-weight. React has the strongest community support to solve any kind of developers’ issues. React’s React-Native is more popular for cross-platform application development, and it is a winning feature for React.

What are the famous companies using ReactJS?

  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Airbnb
  • Microsoft
  • Dropbox
  • NY Times
  • Asana
  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo





Founder year 

March 2013

February 2014



Evan You


Library to build UI

A progressive framework

When to choose 

Complete JavaScript approach 

Easy JavaScript and HTML

Application types 

Best for modern web development and native-rendered mobile apps (both iOS and Android)

Ideal for SPA (single page Application) development and web development

Learning Curve  

Easier than AngularJS but hard learning curve than VueJS 

An easy learning curve


In JavaScript

In JavaScript

Language performance 

JSX user – JavaScriptXML

HTML templates and JavaScript


More than 27K stars added over the year

More than 40K star has been added on GitHub


Has virtual representation of DOM tree

Virtual DOM HTML – based templates

Installation tools

Uses create react app



Similarly fast

Similarly fast


Only CSS

Maximum reusability


Complex than Vue

Simpler than React 

Notable feature

Stateful components 

Often reusable components


Which is better, ReactJS, or VueJS?
Whether you choose VueJS or ReactJS, both frameworks are best with their own features as there is no measure of considerable differences between them. This decision of opting for one of them completely depends on the subjective reasons which are based on your requirements.

If you are planning for integration of a front-end JS framework into an existing app, then Vue would be a better choice for you, whereas if you are looking for building web apps with JS, then React would be a better pick.

Both React and Vue use Virtual DOM for faster execution, and it helps to store virtual UI representation in memory and also syncs with Real DOM. React is reasonable for enormous scale apps as it is more adaptable due to its scalability.

Vue is a lightweight and pleasant to write in codes. Vue provides a simple learning curve through the point by point documentation. It is faster and smoother, and it makes a better choice for startups but can be used for large-scale apps as well.

Whereas React has a bigger ecosystem and is great for building complex applications, and it is extremely flexible and has a lot of amazing packages to opt from.

Wrap up!
Like any other programming language, React, and Vue both have their own pros and cons, so they can only be judged as per the requirement of programming projects. We encourage developers to focus on the requirements by checking the outlines of these two.

The decision always depends on many factors, such as your budget, requirements, application scale, and many more. So, you should know how big you want to go with your application and then decide accordingly.

Are you still confused about which is better Vue or React? Our experts can help you! What are you still waiting for? Let’s discuss your doubts about VueJS vs. ReactJS and clear them before they start creating more stories in your head.