Accelerate your Business Journey with Continuous Testing in DevOps

In the current pandemic scenario, the need for digital solutions in all business sectors has increased immensely and is predicted to accelerate further. Many new industrial foundation concepts like Agile Testing, Cloud Testing, or outsourced independent software testing services have been regressively adopted by business experts to retain a position ... Read More

Boost Customer Experience with AI Recommendations Now!

The use of Artificial Intelligence for business has increased superiorly in the past few years. As it can efficiently analyze and conclude the customer experience, the top AI solutions are implemented in the online retail sector. It is also forecasted that more than 95 percent of customer experiences are via ... Read More

Here is Angular 13: Jumpstart your Business like a Pro with Angular New Version

Angular 13, the latest Angular version, a TypeScript-based web framework, has been finally launched in November 2021. The upgrade included several improvements to the already successful software. Angular has introduced a new compilation and rendering pipeline Ivy in its version 9. But, the old compiler and runtime View Engine are ... Read More

Serverless Architecture in the Next Stage of Business Transformation for Scalable Performance

Still, in its early stage, Serverless Architecture represents a completely new paradigm. It offers an excellent drive to complete IT transformation with the introduction of a next-generation cloud. This transformation with Serverless architectures like Azure Serverless thrives with cost-effective and streamlined solutions, processes, and end results. Let us have a ... Read More

Discovering pliability through maneuvering Agile software development

Almost every company started creating products to satisfy the demand of the customer. Every organization should see the plausible reason here. All the companies need to be irrepressible to the chaotic market circumstances and other constraints. Shortly, the company started to grow to a higher position. The business needs to ... Read More

A deep dive on DevSecOps with Azure benefits.

This blog interprets the high-level synopsis of DevSecOps. The main thing nowadays organizations are demanding is security that can integrate into your Azure DevOps pipeline. Already available on the release pipelines. Imagine, without sacrificing any speed, an organization needs to know the techniques that can accomplish production-grade deployment in Azure. ... Read More