Voice Search is latest trend in SEO – Benefits

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Truly Progressive Web Apps are The Future of E-commerce

Truly Progressive Web Apps are The Future of E-commerce If you want to win customers over across the globe, create sustaining brand image and boost your profits, you have to build omnichannel engagement strategies. Omni-channel experience is a multi-platform marketing, selling, branding and customer service approach that creates integrated and ... Read More

Use React JS – Get better application with high ROI

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Significant Benefits of Laravel PHP over Plain PHP

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Six steps for a Successful Human Centered UX

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6 Challenges of A.I in Healthcare

We keep witnessing the incredible potential of Artificial Intelligence in redesigning Healthcare. The capacity of A.I in scheduling treatments, assisting repetitive tasks like prioritizing emails in the doctors’ inbox, finding relevant medicine related documents in seconds and assisting in complex surgeries are some of the familiar areas where A.I applications ... Read More

AI Transforms Healthcare – How?

The number of companies using artificial intelligence in healthcare has increased from less than 25 in 2012 to nearly 65 in 2016 and this growth keeps accelerating. Growth is expected to accelerate with the AI healthcare market set to reach $6.6 billion by 2021, a 40 percent growth from now. ... Read More