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Why businesses should adopt Low Code Development and how it will impact coding culture?

Is adopting lengthy and complex coding for any enterprise software development the right way to grow in a competitive market these days or is it wiser to shift to a Low Code application development platform? Let us just find out.

How Low code made an impact on software development?

Low code app development symbolizes minimal coding requirement while developing an application and has impressed more than 300 vendors and platforms for its usage. With the involvement of visual interface with drag/drop action in building of data models and no role of complex programming and coding as in custom app development services. There is a surge or rise in the demand of the low code platforms for developing applications in B2B and B2C markets and it is forecasted to get incremented to about $22 billion in the coming year.

Some most popular low code app development platforms are AppSheet from Google, Bubble, Appsmith, NoCodeAPI, Microsoft low code platform known as Microsoft Power Platform, Java low code platform, etc. As per ‘Low Code Development Platform Market Size & Forecast”, the future of low code app development is bright with an estimated global market value of about $112 billion in the upcoming 5 years.

t was predicted in last to last year, in 2019 by “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform” that by the year 2024, more than 65% of applications will be based on low code platforms with a share of at least 4 platforms to be used by the big enterprises.

All these statistics indicate a powerful expansion of low code platforms in the world of custom software development by the native app developer.

Benefits of Low code with the modern application platform

Low code application platform as the modern application development platform opens up paths for coding knowledge deprived users to participate in their enterprise app development program or low code game development with no manual coding but utilization of drag/drop actions, business process blueprints, intuitive Lego components, and low code development tools to cut down the development time and build applications at a very fast rate.

Gather provided information regarding the fine benefits of low code platform adoption by any business or enterprise.

Speed Up Development Cycle

Low or no code software development to create an app for your business cuts down the backlogs of complex coding that needs to be written and tested first. For any enterprise low code platform, there is no time consumption or learning curve as low code platforms integrate simple APIs and connectors, integration of third-party tools which are as common as in custom app development.

Intuitive UX

By default, the low code platform integrates constructive UX with pre-built templates, user-interfaces, models, etc. to be used directly by the app developer for customization purposes and software development without coding. It includes a one-click system to track and manage database scripts thus contributing greatly to your app development environment.

Flexible Integrations

High-class integrations support like microservices and containers in the simplest manner make Low code integration platform more likable to enterprises. It allows creating APIs and quick integrations of technologies, applications, or services with the existing system as per market demands.

Easy Approach to All

Low code platform specializes in simple and speedy performance in app development and thus even fresh juniors or technical persons with no coding knowledge can also develop applications in quick time. This suits all developers or not-so-tech-savvy people, empowering them with an added app development skill best for their future career.

Secured & Examined Deployments

The provision of pre-analysis of deployment impact based on the details of the application in the simplest and strategized manner assures the developer to the most of the successful app development in advance helping in flawless deployments.

Digging deeper into Microsoft Power apps with low code platform

We already know that the Microsoft Excel application has been widely used as the app development tool for code and queries writing for information extraction while deploying complex applications and in mobile application development platforms also.

But now, anyone can be a developer with basic knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications and Office Suite tools. With a new approach in APIs, now we have prepared code blocks (stored on a low code database) on the graphical interface which can be used to create workflows instantly. Microsoft Power Platform is the low code platform that covers Azure, Dynamic 365, Office 365, and standalone applications.

Microsoft Power Apps component from the Microsoft low code platform is used to develop applications including low code mobile app development quickly and fixes deployment challenges. We have listed out some advantages to businesses via Microsoft Power Apps.

  • Simplifies complex business operations
  • Decreases the dependency on third-party tools
  • Inclusive with Office 365 support
  • Work and collaborate across devices
  • Power apps make data easy to manage
  • Offers app building by all with pre-built AI components
  • Provision of extending app capabilities with custom connectors and Azure functions
  • Helps businesses in reducing development costs
  • Increase in business efficiency through the use of Microsoft Power Apps platform
  • Customization and extension of Azure, Office 365, and Dynamic 365 capabilities
  • Powerful end-to-end business solutions with integration of Microsoft Power Apps with other Microsoft platforms and applications
  • Streamline cross-team collaboration
  • App development in hours with pre-built templates, code blocks, and drag-drop facility
  • Supports low code mobile app development – low code iOS app development as well as low code android app development

Propel your business efficiently with low code platform

Microsoft, the big software giant has already invested in a low code platform and created Microsoft Power Apps for quick, agile, and powerful app development. As per resources, a study by Forrester Consulting over Power Apps about its economic impact concluded that there is about 74% reduction in total app development costs, along with an about 188% increase in Rate of Interest.

This is an example or proof of the resilience and reliability of the low code platform for all scale businesses where apps can be developed via non-coders without any time-consumption, thus keep business away from unwanted time and money loss making it a cost-worthy solution. The low code as web and mobile app development software has stunned the digital market already.

It holds the vast potential to completely transform your business as it delivers a one-click tracking system, pre-built code blocks, templates, AI, and other information in APIs for catalyzing the app development cycle. Most importantly, there is room for flexible integrations, adaption to new technologies, and pre-assessment services for flawless app development. This signifies a bright future of low code development.

If you want to create an app for your business with a low code platform or outsource mobile app development, CG-VAK is your right choice as your destination. We help you developing with new technology and platforms like low code to the clients as per your requirements. With expert professionals we support you in all software development and outsourcing needs.