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Grow Your Business with Azure AI – Know its Benefits and How it can Help You

This is the age of Intelligence and that’s why we recommend Azure AI services to our clients to solve their business problems intellectually and aesthetically.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has got all the power to enhance our capabilities beyond our knowledge and extend our ingenuity, and help us achieve more in less time and at a reduced cost. Azure AI has the competence to transform industries by making us more productive and by aiding usin solving complex business challenges, provided it is readily accessible to everyone.

Azure AI technology instils super smart and intelligent algorithms in to your applications, websites and bots so that it becomes easier to see, hear, speak and perceive human language and actions through natural methods of communication.

This intelligent technology is slowly creeping into our lives and improving our lifestyle and living dynamically. Azure AI also promises to change the IT world in unfathomable ways. Azure AI has unparalleled cognitive services, which we shall enclose in the following headings for you.

Vision API

The Vision API provides developers the access to advanced algorithms for processing images and coming back with meaningful information. It makes possible for apps and services to identify and scrutinize image and video contents accurately. For instance, Vision API can determine if an image or video contains adult or racy content and find clearly distil information within the images.
Computer Vision works on popular image formats, such as PNG, .JPG and .JPEG. Depending on the visual features you want to apply, Computer Vision API algorithms can significantly work on the content of the image in different ways.

You Can Use Vision API in Your Application for Three Different Processes, including:

  • Analyse Images with actions, such as tag visual features, categorise images using category taxonomy, describe image using complete sentences, detect faces, detect domain specific content to identify if an image face match any celebrity or landmark, detect colours and generate appropriate thumbnail.
  • Extract Text using OCR. You can use OCR or optical character recognition to identify text within an image and transform and recognize words into machine readable language stream. The OCR can rotate the text around image axis. It is also used to recognise printed and handwritten text from images of various objects, including receipts, posters, business cards, banner, letters and white boards.
  • Moderate Image Content, such as rate the image based on its adult or racy factor. It identifies adult and racy content and generates a confidence score for both.

The Face API

The Face API helps you to recognise all faces featured in an image. It detects, analyses, tags and organizes faces. There’s something called Face Confidence Score that is applied to see the likeliness of two faces belonging to the same person.

The Face Recognition analyses and calculates Age, Emotion, Gender, Smile, Facial Hair and 27 other landmarks for each face in an image.

Then there is Face Grouping that group together dissimilar or unidentified faces in to groups based on their visual similarities.

The Emotion Recognition in Face API can now easily fathom and group together different emotions from an image, such as anger, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, surprise and sadness. Also, you can tag similar faces and make it a collection.

Speech API

The Azure Speech API provides developers a powerful way to create speech-enabled features in their application. It basically supports conversion of spoken language into text or produces an audio speech from text. Other features include voice command control, speech transcription and detection, and natural speech conversation.

If you come across varied vocabularies or speaking style, use Azure Speech API and customise your language model of your app’s speech recognition based on your industry, expression, geography, demography, speaker style and market terms.

Main functions of Speech API include:

  • Speech to Text: Convert human speech to text to use it as input or command to control application
  • Text to Speech: Convert text to audio streams and use it to playback to your application user.
  • Speaker Identification and Verification: Identifs who is speaking and uses voice for verification.

Azure Speech API offers 75 voices and 45 languages to choose from. It also provides exclusive parameters, such as speed, volume, pronunciation, pauses and dialects. If you need a unique voice agent with an impressive personality, contact us for initial consultation.

Language API

Language API makes it easy for developers to understand ununiformed and unstructured text or voice message. It can also be used to recognise the intent behind a voice’s utterances and understand sentiments, and evaluate what the speaker wants. The three features of Language API entails:

  • Language Detection: The API provides a numeric score between 0 and 1 for detecting language. Scores that are close to 1 indicate the language identified is 100% accurate. The Language API supports around 120 languages.
  • Sentiment Detection and Analysis: The API provides a numeric score between 0 and 1. Scores closer to 0 indicate negative sentiment and scores closer to 1 indicate positive sentiment. The score is projected using a classifier model. The technology includes n-grams feature, word embedding feature, and features created from part-of-speech tags.
  • Entity Identification in Text: The API returns after detecting all entities in a text, including location, people, organization, phone numbers, emails, addresses and more. It certifies distinct entities by associating text with information on the web.

Search API

Azure Search API provides a dynamic search experience to personalised applications while developing them. It helps apps and services to harness the power of Web-scale ad-free search engine. If you want to look across billions of webpages, images and videos and news search results, make use of CG VAK’s Search API Services.

REST API is the perfect way to add search capability for it includes operations, such as create and manage indexes, execute queries, handle results and implement search features.

Bing Autosuggest API: Provides complete search suggestions enabling users to type less and find more.

Bing Entity Search API: Through Bing’s Knowledge Graph look for real-world entities, such as places, people, local business and things.

Bing Custom Search API: Build a customised search that fits all your requirements with an easy-to-use, highly commercial-grade, ad free search tool.

Easy Launch: You are enabled to easily and quickly refine and adjust your parameters of your search domain without even writing a single code. Use hosted Bing user experience to render search results layout.

Specific Content Search: Create an unparalleled and compelling search experience that caters to specific needs. Work around images, auto-suggested words and web pages, and promote and filter results with Bing Custom Search API.

Bing Global Scale Search Index: Make users see only relevant results from the domains, sub-sites and web pages by defining only those particular parts you want to draw results from.

If you want to transform digitally, and if you want your business to walk side-by-side with Artificial Intelligence, then it is time you got your gears ready and apply for Azure AI. Get in touch with us now for a comprehensive expert consultation.