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Are You Ready for Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 Migration?

Drupal 8 to 9 will be the easiest and fulfilling migration of the decade.

Move your website to a new host and get your drums ready for a massive performance with Drupal 9.

Heightened security, best Drupal core cycle patch releases, unsurpassable innovations twice a year for emerging business needs, consistent APIs, modern environment, and most effortless migration for Drupal experts – Drupal 9 community of developers have really upped their game this time.

Migrate from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9, here is all geared up to take the challenges. why upgrade today?

Post-Drupal core update, Drupal 8 websites will still enjoy their best features but with much better system requirements and components for exceptional security support. Besides, the update will keep the websites dynamic with new feature upgrades scheduled twice a year.

Furthermore, the Drupal community of developers has revised their Drupal 8 update module roadmap, wherein they plan to release a major version every 2 – 3 years. Therefore, updating Drupal 8 would prevent your solution security and consumer data from getting susceptible to cyber-security threats.

Drupal 8 Website Development – Core Update Key Points to Remember

  • Drupal 9 is unlike its previous versions – it is not a reinvention. It is an extension of Drupal 8.
  • Drupal 8 developers will find Drupal 9 very familiar and easy to migrate. No major training is required. It saves organizations hundreds of dollars in hiring and training.
  • Drupal 9 update module is built on Drupal 8 and will be similar to its last minor release, Drupal 8.9. It means developers would not have to sweat it out to migrate Drupal 8 core to Drupal 9.
  • Known fact: By November 2021, the Drupal developers will bid farewell to its LTS support and replace it with a new system. Thereafter, your site running on a legacy platform will not receive any technical support from the community.
  • Drupal 10 is up for release in 2022 June. Drupal 7, 8, and 9 are based on Symfony 4, which would expire in 2023. Drupal 10, based on Symfony 5 and above, would presumably resolve all the criticisms of Symfony 4.
  • It means, after November 2023, your Drupal 8 website development and maintenance team would not be able to prevent vulnerability-provoking bugs from lodging on your website.

MOST Important: If you don’t update Drupal core manually in time, it can lead to user data leaks and precluded access to the most recent module versions, limiting your site’s performance efficiency significantly.

Are you still working on Drupal 7? This is the right opportunity to consider Drupal 9 module development for your ecommerce store. It would be your site’s last major migration, we assure you.

How Will You Benefit from Drupal 8 to 9 Migration?

  • Drupal 9 module development was created to ensure a smooth, cost-effective, less time-consuming migration process.
  • Drupal migrate tools offer businesses several intense opportunities to optimize content management, site performance, and user accessibility with state-of-the-art features.
  • Drupal 9 has removed all bugs and obsolete codes, providing less than 1.0% security issues.
  • By November 2021, the Drupal 9 developer community will start releasing regular security policy upgrades.
  • As most code interfaces are unchanged, developers wouldn’t face problems with Drupal 8 migrate process plugins.
  • Compatibility with Symfony 4, Symfony 5, and Twig will provide software developers a good collection of development templates.
  • Drupal core modules can maintain site performance at an optimal level, regardless of the solution’s complexity.
  • Core modules worth mentioning – Big Pipe, Memcache, Redis, CDN, Blazy, and Internal Dynamic and Internal Page Caches.
  • WCAG and Global Accessibility Laws and Policies support will make websites accessible to differently-abled users as well.
  • 100+ language support and built-in translation engine make multi-lingual website development easy and effective.
  • Newly added features simplify management and change synchronization of the site’s several versions.

How Can You Prepare Your Website for the Impending Change?

Before your site loses its capabilities for good, prepare your website for Drupal 8 manual update for Drupal 9 core migration.

While the migration process is pretty straightforward by itself, CG-VAK Drupal 8 Web Development experts make it simpler and cost-effective with premium Drupal 8 Migrate tools. We also deliver Drupal 8 custom migration, lest you are looking for one.

Be prepare! how to start your process from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 migration.

Since Drupal 9 is not a reinvention but a continuation of Drupal 8 core, all information and guidelines applied in migrating to Drupal 8 will apply here.

Step 1: Make Sure the Hosting Environment Matches with the Migration Requirement

You will have to ensure that your site fulfills the hosting requirements for upgrading to the latest version of Drupal. Example: In PHP, you have to provide the performance is at least PHP 7.3 or above. Talk to our expert to know the rest. We will help you with the process.

Step 2: Update to Drupal 8’s Latest Version, Themes, and Code Modules

The migration requires your website to be one of Drupal’s minor versions, 8.8 and 8.9. This ensures the needed extensions are downloaded.

Drupal community developers’ Code Editor can help you upgrade themes and modules.

(In case your site is running on Drupal 7, you must transit your website from Drupal 7 to 8 before the migration)

The migration requires your website to be one of Drupal’s minor versions, 8.8 and 8.9. This ensures the needed extensions are downloaded.

Drupal community developers’ Code Editor can help you upgrade themes and modules.

(In case your site is running on Drupal 7, you must transit your website from Drupal 7 to 8 before the migration)

Step 3: Update Your Projects

Upgrade your contributed projects to the latest version and built them for the final preparation. Most projects will optimize Drupal 9 compatibility eventually. You can use Upgrade Status to check project compatibility.

If your codes and themes are customized, you have to confirm they don’t have any API deprecated codes in the latest version.

Step 4: Update the Codebase to Complete the Migration

At this point, you will have your site prepared for the Drupal core manual update.

Before initiating the switch, refresh your codes, and then run the migration script – “update.php”. This will run your website’s engine to the latest Drupal 9.0 automatically.

Considering Drupal 9 Upgrade?

Even with the support of automated Drupal migration tools, a lot can go wrong between the migration, particularly if you have limited knowledge about the process. It could be a cakewalk for Drupal experts, but it might be challenging for your team.

We recommend you outsource professional aid to complete the Drupal 8 to 9 migration. CG-VAK is an ISO certified website development company that has expensive expertise and modern IT infrastructure for delivering custom Drupal Web Development Solutions.