What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the latest technology which drives in an innovative way of delivering an astounding experience to the users. PWA is reliable, quick, engaging and provides an interactive user experience to the clients. Personalization options in PWA help to increase the engagement level than normal websites. Progressive Web Apps has been considered as cutting-edge technology for web and mobile devices for the upcoming years.

Progressive Web Applications are technically Web Applications that can run smoothly across both Mobile and Web Platforms using the latest web technologies. PWAs includes all the functionalities of Native (Mobile) but doesn’t require your endpoint user to install the app.

Progressive Web Apps incorporates Service Workers to enable offline support and push notifications, camera access and more. Since the day they enter PWAs enabled businesses and organizations to easily reach their audience across both mobile and web at a much lower cost.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps:

PWA Uses Less Data

Since Progressive Web Apps utilize intelligent cookies the data consumption is very less. In emerging markets, PWAs can technically increase the users by a huge margin since the data price in developing countries is quite pricey.

PWA Requires No Updates:

Since they work much like a Website there is no product update required. Any changes will be updated when it’s used as with any other website. Also, there is no need to wait for App store approval to fix a critical issue.

PWA is Cheaper:

One of the greatest selling points of Progressive Web apps are they cost very little when compared to developing cross-platform mobile apps. PWA is a game changer to small and medium business which can now compete with corporates on an even footing.

PWA is SEO Friendly:

Website’s speed is one of the major factors that determine your website’s SEO ranking and as such the rapidly loading PWA naturally trends to rank far better. PWA’s speedy page load time also contributes to other SEO aspects such as reduced Bounce ratio.

PWA Improves Conversion:

Now this is getting more than one could believe but it’s still true that using PWA increases your overall website sales conversion. Able to work on low data and rapidly loading pages means your customer is less likely to leave your page before making a purchase.

Offline Function:

To add more PWAs can also work offline meaning web applications can be used when data availability is lost. Any offline data change/updates will be updated to live once the data is available.

Progressive Web Applications provide businesses of all sizes with an opportunity to achieve cross-platform presence at a very low budget and as such businesses are rushing to convert their existing websites to PWA.

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