What is Content Management System?

A Content Management System or CMS was born out of the necessity to create and manage digital contents to meet the customer demand for fresh content. Essentially a CMS is an application that helps organizations and businesses to create and manage their content online without the requirement to hire web developers.
Content Management Systems are generally used for Website Content Management (also called as WCM) and Enterprise Content Management (also called as ECM). Although both ECM and WCM are both used to manage the contents they are a lot more different in every other aspect.

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Website Content Management

Web Content Management systems enable creating, editing and publishing contents on the website. Businesses use CMS to improve the efficiency of content creation and publishing, as CMS effectively removes the requirement of hiring web developers. WordPress CMS is the most preferred, followed by Custom PHP Websites and Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management System enables content collaboration within an organization by enabling a centralized access to documents, digital assets and trackable data & records to help improve the work place efficiency. Additionally, using ECM enterprises can enable end users with role-based access to important marketing and other user specific data to improve customer experience.

Content management System in SEO

Ever since the phrase “content is the king” was coined CMS automatically became the king makers. Adding more, CMS also has a positive effect on your website’s Google SEO Ranking. Although having a CMS system doesn’t directly influence SEO process, ease of Content creation and rapid content updates actually does a lot in boosting your SEO ranking.
In fact, most Content Management Systems (like WordPress) packs a ton of SEO friendly features in the form of plugins that directly contribute to better visibility of your website on search engines like Google. It makes it easier for businesses to create meta data and image optimization easily without requiring a web developer.

Advantages of using Content Management System

Reduces cost invested on content management as it completely removes the requirement of a Developer

Content Management Systems makes it possible to add new pages in a very short period of time, removing the requirement for both designer and a developer.

Rapid content publishing and well optimized/managed contents will ensure that your website is crawled regularly.

Websites with CMS naturally tend to rank higher on Search Engines Like Google

Enables different levels of Authority to manage your website

Naturally with a CMS you can easily access your website and make any required changes to provide a better Customer Experience

CMS Platforms are constantly updated, meaning your website will be much more secured.

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