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Our Nearshore Software Development Offers

Our nearshore development services offer multiple advantages for our partners/clients.You can get benefits such as:

Save up to 40% of your investment cost:

You can easily make a considerable cost-saving up to 40% when you choose a nearshore development center with CG-VAK.

Faster time to market:

Within a short time, we can help you get full-fledged nearshore development services in Mexico for your business requirements.

Flexible teams with flexible timings:

Choose your team and resources. Our flexible team has innovative skills and will work for you with flexible timings.

Access to high quality and talents:

At CG-VAK, we have a broad-based talent pool in every area of tech development to meet your business needs.

Minimize your labor cost:

Our nearshore software development partnership can trim your investment cost which can be used in more critical areas such as marketing..

Solving Technical glitches in minimum time:

Our expert support team can solve technical glitches in minimum time.

Our Nearshore Software Development Services

Nearshore Services is a global provider of offshore software development services and software testing services. We help our clients to achieve their business goals by providing high-quality, cost-effective services. We specialize in consultation, which includes the following:

Now Partner with a Nearshore Software Development Company in Mexico.

Why CGVAK as your Nearshore Software Development Services in Mexico

Software Development/ Business Expertise
  • More than 27+ years of experience in IT services
  • Delivered 2500+ successful projects successfully in software development services.
  • Highly cost-effective solutions.
  • Full-time nearshore software development services in Mexico.
  • Get access to our highly talented software development experts.
Technology/ methodology/ frameworks Expertise
  • Our well-experienced experts in automation testing help reduce your effort in searching for quality, services
  • Agile and DevOps methodology increases the workflow and enables to launch of the product on time.
  • We provide one-stop solutions ranging from product development to IT infrastructure to help you achieve digital transformation.
  • Well-experienced in Major frameworks and technology platforms.
Wide range of Industry Expertise
  • Recognized software development firm in India and the USA services
  • Worked in a wide range of industries.
  • Helped and provided solutions ranging from small, medium to large enterprises.
  • Get tailor-made solutions for your business/industry needs.
Solid Presence in the US, Canada, and European countries
  • Proactive business solutions services
  • Recognized as one of the best software development outsourcing company..
  • Having a strong presence and clients from the USA, Canada, and European countries.
  • ISO Certified software development center in terms of quality and information security.

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Benefits of Nearshore Software Development


Closer Proximity:

The biggest advantage is your nearshore center is close enough to monitor, compared to offshore software development centers.


Shared Time Zones:

Your employees work in similar time zones, which makes it easy to coordinate.


Cost Reduction:

You still save valuable money as nearshore have lower operating costs and helps you invest it in other teams or infrastructure.


Hassle free operations:

Legal systems and cultures are similar in neighboring countries. As a result, it is less hassle-free to operate in nearshore centers.


More ROI:

With nearshore software outsourcing you are guaranteed to get Maximized ROI for your software/ product development needs.


Better communication with culture understanding:

Team Interaction and bonding will be better with good communication. Common culture understanding will be better while working on projects.

Would You Like to Talk to Us Regarding Nearshore Software Development Needs?