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A Comprehensive Remote Operation Approach and Support to Continue Business during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a period of uncertainty and anxiety for businesses and employees. To overcome these challenging times, besides promoting a helpful and optimistic working system, CG VAK has developed a comprehensive structure that will help employees continue operating as usual without being affected by the crisis.

Established a Flexible Work Station

  • 95% of our employees have been working from home since 25th March 2020

  • Enabled proper security protocols to protect the data accessed by our employees from their homes, including cloud computing, VPN, and antivirus

  • Developed seamless remote access facilities, monitored 24/7 by our network analysts, to handle traffic load, improve telecommunication, prevent data vulnerabilities

  • Established e-learning and online training systems using live discussions, webinars, prerecorded audio/video, and group chat to continue delivering knowledge

  • Developed COVID-19 Rapid Response Team that engages with employees regularly to address feedbacks, challenges, and operational incidents promptly

  • Equipped employees with efficient tech and productivity tools to improve operations while working from home

  • Conduct fortnightly one-on-one sessions between manager and employees to address professional and personal issues

  • Ideated best business continuity protocols in four vital categories – Getting the Workplace Ready, Handling Power Outage/ Communication, Business Disruption and Emergency, and Return to Work Strategy. These have been shared with all employees and management

On-Premise Precautionary Measures

  • Screen employees for temperature daily

  • Use of alcohol-based, chlorhexidine hand rub at the entrance, disposable wipes, and triple-layered face masks made mandatory for all

  • Identify key touchpoints in the workplace to exercise proper sanitization

  • Exercised increased routine environmental cleaning by fumigating common areas, including door handles, countertops, tables, workstations, remote controls and passageways

  • 5% of employees have been allowed to work in the office for emergencies only, such as troubleshooting networking issues, etc.

  • Sanitize and deep clean office spaces for improved safety and hygiene

  • Made staggered arrival and departure effective

  • Ensure employee vehicles are periodically washed and sanitized to decrease risks of transmission

Restrictions/ Training Implemented

  • Educated and trained employees on work from home best practices. They include:

    • i. Telecommunication
    • ii. Handling power outage when remotely working
    • iii. Data integrity and protection
    • iv. Internet and network back up for communication continuity
    • v. Integrated backup plan and backup schedule
    • vi. Varied means of communication – Intra and Inter
  • Restricted business traveling for all employees across all branches, unless it is an emergency

  • Mandatory 14-day quarantine exercised for all travelers and work from home advised post quarantine

  • Actively monitor employees’ health if they exhibit signs and symptoms or they have been in a corona-positive area

  • 5% of employees have been allowed to work in the office for emergencies only, such as troubleshooting networking issues, etc.

  • Comprehensive self-quarantine and self-care practices shared with the employees to improve social-distancing norms

CG-VAK has proactively taken all measures to ensure our employees are safe and secure, mentally, and physically to continue supporting our clients efficiently. We have developed several strategies, including PIA (post-incident analysis) to proactively overcome any new challenges that may surfaces in the future.

We want to assure you that, despite working from home, CG VAK will continue to offer you the best solutions at the same levels that we have delivered in the past by maintaining the quality of work, on-time project delivery, and high standards of professionalism.

Thank you.

For any inquiry or support, reach us at (sales@cgvak.com or +1 (908) 737-7425)