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Why Python is so much in demand among ISV companies in 2021?

No surprise that every second programmer pursuing Software development as a career is adept in the Python coding language or using Python for business. It has become the top choice for programmers, startups, ISV companies, and top-notch software giants since its advent to the current date becoming the best programming language in 2021. The impact of this language is unparalleled among developers and can be termed as the fastest-growing programming language.

How Python as a programming language satisfy all requirements for your ISV companies?

Independent Software Vendors or ISV companies are now a primary integral section of the IT industry, which develops and sells software products directly to end-users on a wide scale of platforms backed by Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, and other big software companies.

Python as a programming language has all that it can do to grow ISV companies by introducing services like easy programming, scalability, quick MVP development, third-party integrations, software automation, new features integrations, excellent support while developing a product, and even once it is released. All these services are prime requirements to expand the business for an ISV company to another level.

Python has been in the business for the past 30 years and as per experts. Forecasts shows high potential for competition even with the upcoming programming languages. Any ISV company involved in a project using Python gets a smart chance to link Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning skills in the Python programming software development with minimum resources and a development team. Other aspects that a Python language can benefit in an ISV company includes data analysis, software testing, web parsers programming, web development, and more.

Why Python? Reasons to use Python

Python software development is gaining immense popularity but there is no acceptance without any evidence. For an ISV company to adopt the Python programming language into its business of software development for different IT and business sectors, the knowledge of the best reasons to use it is vital.

Quick learning with easy basics

Python is a quick grasping coding skill entertained to beginners with easy basics providing straightforward results and feedbacks helping to learn the language without any complexity.

Source of open-source frameworks

Being an open-source framework itself, Python can develop unlimited frameworks and libraries with tools like Django, Bottle, Cherrypy, Flask, Pyramid, etc.

Goes well with the Internet of Things

Python is quite popular in the Internet of Things space due to its flexibility and scalability which offers IoT frameworks development, cloud and IoT functions synchronization, etc.

Shows extensive community support

A diverse community across Python programming software development lets developers realize the potential insights proven accurate for the project and schema development.

Best for gaming software development

Python programming language has been used in developing Gaming software for a long time and it promises versatility, team focus, add-ons flexibility, multiple engines, etc. for continual development of thrilling Gaming software supply in the market.

Machine learning, Robotics, and AI goes hand in hand with Python

For admirers of advanced technologies, environments, and skills like Machine Learning, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence in software designing and development, Python plays a great role with its minimum coding requirements and advanced scaling feature.

Offers an advanced testing framework for coders

Python is molded into an advanced testing framework for coders and developers to test and try their software design, features, and applications regularly providing a collaborative environment in all.

A great contributor to Data Science projects

Complex Data Science projects are transformed into simple procedures with Python due to its highly flexible parameters, development environment, and Python coding platform.

Features of Python

Python is a high-level programming language that came into existence in the year 1991 and grown into one of the top-ranking programming languages in the year 2021. This programming language stands in competition with JAVA, C++, and other popular software programming languages owing to its unique and advanced integrated features. Let us go through the basic features of this advanced and popular programming language in the points listed below.

  • Dynamically-typed, garbage-collected language
  • Easy-to-code, developer-friendly language
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Open-source programming language
  • Free to download from the official website
  • High-level programming language
  • Integrates a large standard library (A rich set of functions and modules)
  • Interpreted and integrated programming language
  • Portable from one Operating System platform to another
  • Extensible language with coding facility into another environment
  • Highly scalable programming language
  • Experienced, active, and supportive Community
  • A big number of Libraries and Frameworks
  • Contributes to tasks automation
  • Detailed technical documentation facility
  • Shows compatibility to Machine Learning and IoT environments
  • Shows extensive support to Graphic User Interface development

Before selecting Python as the programming language Pros and Cons that every ISV company should know

If you are a developer or programmer of an ISV company and willing to make a decision about Python programming language to adopt it in the development business, then merely considering the uses of Python programming and the language features is not enough. You should consider the other way round as well to get the correct insight. Here, we got you with both advantages and disadvantages linked with the Python language that may lead you to the right decision for your business.

Pros of Python Language

  • A developer/beginner-friendly language:

With easy coding and verbose language, it is quick and comforting for all and especially new learners of the programming language even those who do not have any coding knowledge in the first place.

  • Portable from one environment to another

Python is transferrable or portable from one environment to another such as can be copied and exported from Windows and used in Mac or LINUX platform easily.

  • Owns flexible parameters and functions

A highly flexible programming language that gives extensions and support to other programming languages, writing codes, developing and integrations of new features with Python-like experience.

  • Offers high scalability and integrations

Python offers its programming services to a wide scale of applications including social media platforms, health center software applications, web development, gaming software, Data science projects, and more.

  • Embeddable programming language

Python coding can be embedded as source code to other languages like C++ for adding scripts to the code in a different language altogether.

  • Constitutes a large, mature and supportive community

A large community with experienced and mature members providing all-time active support throughout the development and detailed documentation makes Python the desirable coding platform in the market.

  • Rich and extensive libraries and frameworks

There is no need to write any lengthy code, thanks to the already designed libraries and sets of rich functions and modules documentation-generation, web-browsers, CGI, databases, image manipulation, Unit testing, etc.

  • Benefits of Machine Learning, AI, Robotics, Data Science, Big Data

Python is a source of powerful integrations and supports big software development projects linked with Robotics, Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc.

Cons of Python Language

  • Dynamically-typed language

Since Python is a dynamically typed language, it is less prioritized for Data Science and Machine Learning projects as against statically typed languages, where there are lesser chances of system errors and bugs.

  • High memory consumption

High memory usage with Python language and dumping it into the garbage can risk and create the memory loss situation.

  • Security concerns

Python is not the most secure programming language but requires optimum QA testing to enhance the security of codes.

  • Problem with complex designs

Experienced developers are needed to deal with complicated designs as otherwise, the task would be difficult.

  • Need for advanced Work environment set up

A work environment set up is the pre-requirement to work with the Python language which may seem tedious to new developers at times but the use of Python IDEs and official guides can fix this problem to an extent.

Both pros and cons should be subjected to analysis to let the ISV Company decide to surpass the disadvantages or not depending on the business benefits and existing requirements.

Final thoughts

Observing Python language features and considerable Pros and Cons for an ISV company, it can be concluded that despite the disadvantages there is more room for advantages on which the Independent Software Vendor Company can rely on to boost up its business while ignoring the minion cons outright.

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