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Stand out with impressive App designs which are trending in 2021

Design constitutes your creativity. It will help users notice your business in the first instance. So, while understanding the current market to achieve the business goal, people need to focus on effective designs and different creative approaches to the layouts. We also need to provide more focus on page speed and aesthetic design. Let us look at what is the demand for mobile app design in 2021.

Sources say more than 1.56 billion phones have been selling worldwide annually which is a 25% growth compared to 2019. This statistic indirectly shows us the importance and demand of creating mobile apps with an excellent UI to show your organization’s growth, along with the competitions.

We at CG-vak have been working with our designers to deliver designs that are trending and more usable. So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the best app designs in 2021

Here is the best app design that is trending in 2021


Normally. In any app, icons and buttons have become more realistic. The designers are aiming to make it more interesting to achieve it by Neomorphism

This new app design has drifted the style and gave the same concept of using the real-life imaginary. By providing improved and new 3D- like graphics, It also shows a dash of realism and a simple look to the design.

Visuals that are soothing to the eyes

There are many mobile users glued to their phones. The app design should not be just beautiful. It should give bliss and joy that attracts a comfortable viewing experience.

With a comprehensive design that gives beautiful colors and soothing visuals that are easy for our eyes, we also need to provide designs with natural colors and simple layouts that will not make the user uncomfortable.

Delightful swiping experience

Well, this is about App designs that are trending in 2021. Yes, swiping is one among them. Though clicking is quick, easy swiping is way more fun and exciting! And yes, standing out with an appealing design will always make a difference that will be more engaging to the users.

To get a delightful experience, it is always better to enhance your approach with a swipe. We can also add animations that provide creativity while turning the page which will be an experience for the users while they are using it.

Depth through shadows and layering

To achieve depth effect, CGVAK makes use of powerful techniques like shadows and layering. Most designers go with the style all in bold and dark shadows

You can add shadows to your layers to augment the effect by adding a whole new dimension to your app. This technique gives the effective result to layer your elements.

Creative analogue

By looking into the app designs, mostly the designers imagine it like newspapers and magazines. So, these are mostly incorporated with design elements of collage layout, retro typography, buttons, and designs.

So, is the trend to be followed when you design an app for a warm and comfortable experience. Which also gives a homely and satisfying approach to the users.

Abstract and geometric art

Many start-ups commonly use this style as an alternative for photography. Without discomforting the users from the app functionality, it draws attention with bright colors and simple shapes. It will be an artistic style.

The designers will give more concentration to detail and simplicity. They also balance it with lots of variation and artistic feel. The app designers in 2021 mostly try to experiment the complex abstract image which is extremely simple and delicate at the same time!

Unexpected dynamic angles

By mixing and creating the unusual angles for the designs we would get the most intriguing designs. It might be a design element set angle or effects at the background that does not have the usual right-angle rules. These designs draw the eyes of users so close to the new direction.

This app design will be way more explorative and playful. These unexpected angles add interest to make the design look dynamic and stand out from other designs


With this current situation on the covid lockdown, VR and AR help us with all sorts of entertainment which are much needed. This impressive work is enjoyable, on mobile itself.

You can feel that you are inside the design. That is how the designers design this with engaging design elements. It will give you the virtual feeling you are really inside the game or application by saving users from trouble. They can have their own home experience with the help of VR & AR.


These top trends of 2021 show us the unique ways to improvise the business standard by giving more comfortable and engaging designs to the users. At CG-vak, our app designer sniffs out the perfect design of 2021 by ensuring it is appealing and exciting to the users. Need a unique and impressive app design. CG-vak is a call away. We cannot wait to hear your requirements.