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Get ready to launch your ecommerce store in this holiday with given safe ways!

The holiday season is the right time to create an effective plan to launch and upgrade your online store, boost traffic to your website, and increase ROI without disturbing its performance or spending thousands. The good news is that you can do a lot to bring about a profitable change using the best conversion optimization tools and eCommerce development services.

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This blog will help you explore eCommerce website optimization strategies that will lead to more traffic in a safe way.

“When your customers are gearing up for the online shopping spree, you can do an SEO audit, enhance or create your landing page, implement on-page SEO for eCommerce marketing, change the company logo, optimize the site structure, test website performance, or even migrate your eCommerce store to Magento 2.0 to make it 2021 ready”

Get Real Visitors to Your Website with Life-Saving eCommerce Website Optimization Plans

There is no denying that this holiday will be ‘the year’ for eCommerce brands across the world – a lot of people will be shopping online for gifts – our priority will be to ensure you don’t lose your current traffic. However, before you start the Christmas sale, you need to prepare your eCommerce store for the holiday shopping.
P.S. – You still have enough time. Get those visitors’ traffic high by 30% with a set of proven strategies.

Reasons Why You Must Utilize the Holidays to Bring Traffic to Ecommerce Website

It will be helpful to learn why exactly you need to relaunch your online store during the holiday. Conversion optimization services are calculated, and proven tactics eCommerce development companies take to improve stores’ performance.

If a site is not up to the mark, it can lead to the following scenarios:
1. Unresponsive site, resulting in poor customer experience
2. Slow website load time and speed, leading to decreased click-through-rates.
3. More and more shopping cart abandons and low sale conversions.
4. Inefficient SEO plan, leading to decreased search engine ranking.
5. Negative reviews from annoyed customers causing poor online reputation

All of these issues can ultimately lead to a revenue drop.

While website optimization should be an on-going process throughout the year, it should be a priority during the holiday shopping season to deliver a smooth consumer experience across all channels.

Although user experience is an important parameter, security and protection shouldn’t be overlooked. eCommerce sites are highly vulnerable to data leaks and thefts, considering the massive consumer data they store.

Regular maintenance and upgrades will help websites run securely and are devoid of dated programming codes and aggressive hackers.

Besides, launching a new website or Migrating your current eCommerce store to the latest platform could help you score the perfect goal among the right group of the target audience.
Check out these helpful pieces of information on ‘How you can migrate to Magento 2.0 without any break’ and ‘how to boost sales with eCommerce Web Development’

Safe Ways to Launch and Optimize Store for Conversion

All retailers and online brands rely on the holiday season to cover up the financial year’s revenue target or generate more sales. For that, they have to create a seamless and beautiful experience for the customers. And it starts by preparing a checklist.

Holiday eCommerce Checklist

The checklist will help eCommerce executives to create and deliver an accurate optimization strategy:

8 Incredible Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website Online

Let’s go through simple and affordable ways to improve website performance.

1. Evaluate and Upgrade Overall Website Performance

Testing overall website performance will ensure your infrastructure can handle the surge in visitors during the holiday season. You can contact us to perform a quick website performance test on both the web and mobile. It will include website navigation, third-party integrations, website load time, and website speed testing. Even a single day’s delay in one of these can reduce your eCommerce conversion by 8%.

Also, don’t forget to check your online store’s mobile responsiveness. Make sure the images are well optimized and the designs are mobile-friendly.

If you are working on a limited budget yet want to deliver a beautiful shopping experience to your end-users, we recommend considering launching a Progressive Web Application instead of a downloadable mobile application.

2. Optimize Your Keywords

Google search console will help you optimize conversions by showing you different ways to do it, such as creating landing pages for the commonly used search phrases used by customers during the holiday. Use last year’s Google Ads to check which campaigns increased conversions, and based on the result, plan this year’s PPC strategies.

3. Use Right eCommerce SEO Services

SEO is the basics of all eCommerce optimization strategies. You must follow the latest SEO trends to ensure your Google ranking goes up each day. However, you have to use a different set of on-page SEO for eCommerce during the holiday season. The regular won’t work out, as customers will be searching for your products with different keywords. Hire our SEO professionals to perform a keyword search and holiday landing page optimization.

4. Improve Your Checkout Page

Attract your customers with exclusive shipping offers. Free shipping should be your biggest promotional tool. Make sure your message is loud and clear on the home page. Besides, using a single checkout page on mobile devices and enabling guest checkouts will be a game-changer. Other ways to improve your checkout page is by adding various payment modes, pay-later options, multi-recipient functionality, and fast and quick shipping and fulfillment.

5. Consider Unified eCommerce

If you wish to sell your products across multiple platforms with a personalized touch, you must implement unified commerce. It provides a wholesome experience to online customers, where they can order the product on Facebook, pay the amount on your eCommerce site, and pick it up from your local store. Learn more about Unified Commerce.

6. Check and Fix Site Errors

Identifying and fixing certain types of issues should be part of your regular site maintenance. Fix the following errors before your site is up for the holiday sale:

Use a crawler to find common website errors, including 404 errors, redirects, grammatical errors, duplicate content, bad content quality, broken links, etc.

Lookup Google and Bing Webmaster Tools and Search Consoles to identify structured data errors. Fixing it will improve ecommerce site visibility.

7. Optimize with Best eCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns

This has two parts – start an effective email marketing campaign and improve email deliverability.

Since consumers frequently check their phones during the holiday season to get the best deals on products, sending a variety of offers on email will increase traffic on site.
Send out promotional emails with highlighted texts and encourage shoppers to click on the landing page.

Email deliverability makes sure that your potential customer receives your mail and opens it. To enable this, you will have to set up your domain name email setting correctly, remove your domain name from the blacklist if it’s listed, and set up security records (DMARC, SPF, and DKIM).

8. Enhance Your On-Site Search Engine

When new visitors use your eCommerce website, you will have to help them find what they are looking for. Good navigation and beefed-up internal search engine will make sure they find what they need. In order to boost on-site search, you will have to set up internal search tracking and use Google Analytics to monitor traffic. Based on the featured results, improve the search experience internally.

Launch and upgrade your ecommerce store in this holiday season with CG-VAK

CG-VAK is an ISO Certified eCommerce Web Development Company that can deliver custom holiday eCommerce store optimization solutions. Businesses should consider outsourcing eCommerce development services. Outsourcing has several benefits – While you concentrate on the core business operations, we take care of the optimization and delivery.

Right from developing cost-effective, basic SEO plans to complete migration and store management services, we have the required infrastructure, expertise, and platforms to make your store Christmas and New Year ready in two to three weeks.