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All you need to know about outsourcing mobile app development

Do you get flattered by the concept of outsourcing mobile app development but still have some uncertainty in mind? Find here answers to all of your queries and start fresh to outsource your mobile app development.

Statistically, an average man spends about 90% of the total mobile usage time over its integrated mobile applications and more than 60% of top IT companies are already outsourcing the mobile application development to the onshore, offshore, or hybrid app development organizations.

Why one should consider outsourcing mobile app development?

Mobile application development brings big business to the IT/software organizations of all scales including startups with billions of App download globally on both Android and iOS platforms. With the growing demand for mobile applications, many top mobile app development companies have thought of a smart move and decided to outsource mobile app development services.

Now, the answer to the main question – Why a mobile app development company should prefer outsourcing app development for mobile platforms than depending on the in-house app development team, we have some concrete reasons in form of advantages here.

1. Centralized Focus: A mobile app development firm has to invest its time in activities such as application promotion, market research, selling apps, collecting revenues, etc. as well along with developing the application which is the job of the outsourced mobile app development partner now. In a way, it helps in centralizing focus on after development activities by the parent company for the best sales and profits.

2. Low Expenditure: The cost of outsourcing mobile app development is comparatively lower than invested in the in-house mobile app development team. It depends on geographical locations also, example – When you outsource mobile app development to India or a country like China, or Japan, charges are about 3 times cheaper than the salaries of the developers in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. Onset with outsourcing MVP app development clears the path of outsourcing other complex applications.

3. Hiring Expertise: Mobile app development is a highly techy field and playing a major role in implementing new innovations into our lives. Hence, outsourcing mobile app development to India can provide you a complete access to get talented and experienced mobile application developers. You can get all the mobile app development solutions on demand with expert software outsourcing providing excellent performance and productivity increase about 10 to 100 times.

Cost of Outsourcing app development

It is crucial to have a pre-estimate about the approximate cost of outsourcing app development to practice a successful mobile development outsourcing. Phone app development cost through outsourcing depends on multiple factors.

This trust of the companies stands on the multiple advantages of PWA over native apps and responsive websites such as –

  • Application Platform – The app development cost varies for android app development or iOS application development. The cost varies slightly with the region as USA based outsourcing team charges less for IOS based application while it is vice versa for Asia and South America countries. Choice of the best mobile app development platform for the organization goes directly proportional to the relative cost.
  • Application Type – The cost of building an app also depends on the chosen application type whether native app development, flutter app development, hybrid app development, or cross platform mobile app development
  • Costs for three main application types in decreasing order: Native Apps>Cross-Platform Apps>Hybrid Apps.
  • Based on the level of complexity of features, costs vary.
  • Depending on the regions from where you have selected your outsourced app developers your cost may vary.

This comparison encourages outsourced mobile app development to India with the lowest costs charge from an offshore software development company.

Check out the 4 smart and useful tips to successfully outsource software development for mobile platforms.

1. Plan & Share Application Requirements

When you have an idea of outsourcing your mobile application development, prepare a business plan that will help you analyze your exact business needs, evaluate your business scope and exact answers for what you exact from your outsourced mobile app development company.

And the next step is share you phone app development requirements like type, technologies, platform, etc. with your outsourced mobile app development partner before starting the process.

Suggestion: Prepare a flowchart or maintain an excel sheet with the required details for the app development and get it confirmed with the managers. A seeker should be clear of the requirements and deliver the right information to develop a mobile friendly application ultimately.

Tip2 – Choose Outsource Mobile App Development Company Wisely

It is a challenging task to pick one from the top mobile app development companies and still maintaining the budget. Check your advantages with the type– Offshore, Onshore, or Hybrid from the list of outsourced app development companies. The cost of outsourcing mobile app development is a factor. Many companies prefer to outsource mobile app development to India due to low costs. Seek the potential bidders, interview thoroughly, plan visits to mobile app development firm if possible for best outcomes.

Suggestion: Chances of finding apt outsource mobile app development company increases by checking review websites, following Google companies that focus on the required domain, recommendations from top outsourcing agencies, evaluating the company’s portfolio, etc.

Tip3 – Open Costs’ Discussion in Advance

A fair discussion over the cost of building an app or as a whole cost of outsourcing mobile app development should be there before making a deal. Other than overall costs, the hidden costs in form of tax, advanced resources, extra resources, new technology adaption should be brought out in advance to help dedicated developers pay off with optimum costs without bothering you.

Suggestion: Mention “Fixed” (for set specifications) or “Floating” (based on time and resources) pricing models before mobile development outsourcing that encouraging developers cost effective mobile app development with a clear picture. Choice of many big app development companies to outsource mobile app development to India than other countries calls for its cost-effective approach.

Tip4 – Boost Communication

Filling the communication gap is tough especially when you have chosen the offshore software development company to outsource app development. For that maintaining, a regular track on the progress of the app development project is required along with two-sided interactive regular meetings to exchange views, expectations, and requirements.

Suggestion: Maintain a Project Manager as the mediator between the company and outsourced mobile app development partner to exchange progressive details about the project constantly. It would help to eliminate any risks or shortcomings in the application features or design and provide a user-friendly and robust application.

Ready to create your own Mobile app?

All crucial measures in terms of advantages of outsourcing app development have been discussed so far for the companies to decide to go for it or not. These factors or considerations have the potential to bring a clear picture of the concept and benefits of outsourced mobile app development along with included risks.

If the clouds of doubts related to mobile app development outsourcing are shed-off and you are ready to create your own mobile app, then we have got you the best recommendation.

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A new wave of ideas and technologies get together when you have outsourced mobile app development for your company. Based on multiple factors such as app development cost, app requirements, location, etc. you can choose your outsource mobile app development firm with the best mobile app developers experts globally. Such business decisive discussions are helpful whether you are looking for software outsourcing or mobile app development outsourcing. Keep your wide eyes open upon the prominent factors to grow your business even in the current tough times of Covid-19 and join hands with the best outsourcing mobile app development company.