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Move to the Cloud and Hit the JACKPOT this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, followed by Black Friday and a dozen of other good days until the shopping ends with Boxing Day clearance sales and the New Year’s Day weekend.

Curious shoppers are getting ready to herald the holidays with a fantabulous shopping spree. Those that are allergic to jam-packed malls prefer to stay home for comfortable online shopping.

This seasonality is the driving requirement for cloud infrastructure.

It is expected that the U.S. online sales will surpass $100 Billion this Holiday Season with Cyber Monday to be the largest online shopping day with $6.6 Billion in sales.

What’s in it for you as a retailer? Did you know that cloud computing in retail is a win?

Ecommerce sites that aren’t hosted in the Cloud can get hit down hard during this holiday season. Obsolete on-premise solutions could fail and breakdown under the continuous heavy volume of online orders that needs to be handled.

Larger retailers have realized this and have already migrated to the cloud. But smaller businesses still face the risk of encountering poor website performance and unpredictable downtimes.

Cloud solutions and pricing models enable retail stores of all sizes to access a mobile point of sales experience, a simpler IT infrastructure, and manage spikes in demand.

Without prolonging any further, migrate to the cloud to enhance your customer’s experience with increased speed and superior IT efficiency.

Here are the top reasons how cloud can give you a winning holiday sales:

Manage higher traffic

Cloud infrastructure enables you to mange spikes skillfully without compromising the customer experience. Its scalable architecture allows your IT capacity to expand according to the traffic demands that are recurrent during the holiday season.

Faster load times

Cloud-enabled content delivery network allows your customers to access web pages faster. Super- fast load times mean quicker browsing of target items and quicker, hassle-free checkouts.

Significant cost savings

Running your business on the Cloud reduces much of the overhead costs that come with running the server. It has no upfront costs, long term contracts, or minimum spends requirements.

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