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Moving Safer and Smarter with Touchless Work Time Entry and Geo Fencing

Vaccines for COVID-19 are now available, but they do not offer complete immunity. Governments worldwide have become more adept at handling the virus since last year, but their protocols and guidelines are still confusing and inconsistent. That means organizations must reconsider using touchless time entry geo fencing solutions that have become popular during the pandemic. Because of its obvious advantages, touchless time entry solutions are becoming popular nowadays. Geo-fencing time tracking has the power to revolutionize time tracking making time management apps redundant.

As of now, the market is flooded with many ERP mobile apps or time tracking apps, mobile timesheet apps and employee time tracking apps, but they all suffer from multiple limitations. The development of a geo fencing system aims to eliminate many of these shortcomings of existing employee monitoring software.

Understanding touchless technology based on geo fencing system

Touchless technologies are computer programs that respond to voice commands, physical movements, facial patterns, and other signals. When paired with artificial intelligence, touchless tech can become an integrated solution that enhances employee and visitor experience. It not only streamlines attendance and entry by prioritizing vital health and safety precautions but also ensures seamless customer service and enhances the effectiveness of administrative tools.

Geo-fencing uses GPS, RFID, and Wi-Fi connectivity along with a software system that tracks assets and people to create “fences” around geographical locations. When a GPS device, mobile device, or RFID tag enters or exits a Geo-fence, it triggers an action—for example, automatically notifying store managers when stock is running low.

To use a geofencing touchless solution, an administrator or developer must first establish a virtual boundary around a specified location in GPS- or RFID-enabled software.

The point to understand is a geofence can be as simple as a circle drawn 100 feet around that location on Google Maps, or it can be more complex. An authorized device will then trigger a response when it enters or exits that area.

Why Geo fencing touchless solutions are required

If time-sensitive businesses do not implement a time tracking system, they run the risk of incurring huge financial losses.

For organizations in the manufacturing, finance, and accounting industries, as well as consulting companies, implementing a solution to capture automatic time entry has become an essential part of business operations. Therefore, automating the whole process with a touchless system using geofencing has become increasingly popular among these types of businesses.

Benefits of Touch Less Entry Using Geo Fencing Software

A geo fencing solution can be easily integrated with existing time tracking solutions, such as Oracle ERP system or Oracle ERP cloud, easily Here are some of the following advantages of geofencing time tracking technology:

  • Prevents time-theft: It is a problem that can be solved with the help of mobile time tracking apps or devices. Accurate employee time tracking, based on the information gathered by these devices, allows companies to measure how much time employees spend on various tasks and where they are when they do so.
  • Simplifies time tracking: The point to understand is manual time tracking is prone to errors. Automatic time tracking is a more accurate, convenient, and simpler method of recording employees’ hours. Manual timesheets are prone to errors, and this can lead to problems including unpaid wages and poor productivity.
  • Access from everywhere, anywhere: With a traditional time-tracking system, the hours worked by employees inside a facility are easily tracked but those working outdoors or remotely are harder to monitor. A mobile time clock can be used by every employee whether in-house or remote to track their hours by clocking in and out on their mobile devices. This allows for more accurate time data to be gathered than relying solely on word-of-mouth from employees themselves.
  • Cost-effective and time efficient: Keeping and managing employee records can be both time consuming and tedious, especially if you have a large employee pool. It requires logging hours, making sure that the logs are accurate, and updating them regularly making it hard to keep track of all your employees’ schedules and work hours and that’s where the role of Geo fencing makes the time and labor management extremely easy to manage.

Key Features in Geo Fencing

Some of the vital features to see in geo fencing is the following:

  • GPS is a major battery drainer, so you should only allow other apps to use it while the app is being used, and only in the foreground.
  • Some geofence solutions have a limit of 20 geofences, which is the standard limit for the iOS and Android geofencing APIs. However, advanced geofence solutions can go beyond this base limit through building on top of it.
  • If you have more than 100 geofences, it is important to be able to organize them. A good geofencing solution comes with labeling and tagging features that make the process easy.


The popularity of mobile devices has made geofencing an integral part of marketing and social media for many businesses. Companies can build their own virtual fences around geographic areas, which enables them to send messages to customers within those areas. Geo-fencing time tracking makes it possible to automate the time-tracking process and streamline it, based on the needs of your business, while helping organizations reclaim time and reduce labor costs by overcoming challenges such as tracking employee activity for payroll, compliancy with regulations and working from remote locations. Therefore, implementing a geofencing solution is more critical than ever before.

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