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Microsoft Intune- Enhancing mobility enterprise and security

Microsoft is always ready to deliver useful features and solutions to its users in small and big enterprises to ensure advanced data security and now its Enterprise Mobility & Security component – Microsoft Intune is in the news and trendy out of all the best mobile device management solutions for its great benefits to an organization which we are going to explore further in this article.

Know about Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS), a smart and advanced security platform and mobility management solution comprise a cloud-based solution, also known as the Mobile Device Management Solution or Mobile Application Management Solution. It integrates with Azure Active Directory and Azure Information Protection letting users control access to the organization’s devices (mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.) and create varied policies to keep the organization’s data secure all the time by controlling its accessibility by other users within or outside the organization. Intune mobile device management integrates to all Microsoft Suite of Products.

Microsoft Intune is available as an Azure service, integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft government, and as the mobile device management in Microsoft 365.

Some proficient features of Intune device management are – data encryption, device tracking, device inventory, app distribution, password enforcement, remote data wiping, etc.

What makes Microsoft Intune Stand Out?

The most in-demand Microsoft mobile device management solution keeps an organization’s employees both productive while keeping the information shared via all related devices most secured anytime. To understand the reason behind this inbuilt mobile device management software stands out by going through the advanced benefits of Microsoft Intune.

  • Supports both complete Cloud-based management and co-management between Intune and Configuration Manager
  • Ensure compliances of mobile devices and applications along with security needs
  • Allows setting policies, configuring other settings to control over personal and organization devices for access on data and networks
  • Supports both on-premises and mobile devices for deploying and authenticating applications
  • Office 365 app management feature under Office 365 mobility and security lets users set policies to control access to the corporate information
  • Unified Microsoft enterprise mobility solution to secure and control access to data on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices

With all the above benefits of mobile device management solution by Microsoft enterprise mobility suite, any organization can protect their on-premises as well as the cloud (Microsoft 365) email and data with policies and access control on its terms.

How Microsoft Intune enhances Enterprise Mobility and Security?

The top MDM software by the core Microsoft 365 component, EMS – identified as the Microsoft Intune is grabbing attention by many enterprises, organizations sectors including Manufacturing, Retail, Government, Education, etc. in a very short period since its introduction. The need for this Microsoft device management solution has raised high with the onset of a high rate of cyber attacks or online threats which affects crucial data loss shared via both on-premises and mobile devices.  In this section, we got the focus on the top ways the best Windows MDM solution – Microsoft Intune service enhances enterprise mobility security.

Manage Devices and Patches with Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune service or device management software allows administrators to enroll organization-owned and other devices and perform functions like viewing enrolled devices with access to inventory about devices using organization resources, Devices configuration, viewing compliant and non-compliant devices reports, pushing certificates to devices for Wi-Fi and other networks access, removing lost data when devices are not in use, stolen or lost, offering on-time patching of system and applications with the best device management system.

Secured Access to Mails and Data you want

The Microsoft Computer Security solution is advantageous to both on-premises and cloud devices as when these devices are enrolled into Intune, mobile apps can be accessed via Intune-managed certificates. For example – On-premises Exchange Server is provided with Conditional Access Solution for emails and data access to enrolled devices only.

For Microsoft 365 data access also, Conditional Access Solution is available which requires the user to meet the organization’s compliance requirements while the flexible practice of letting users access corporate emails via Office mobile apps with app protection policies without enrolling the device in Intune.

Manage User Identities to Protect Business-Critical Data

Microsoft enterprise mobile device management solution takes responsibility for protecting the user identities or credentials which is the main source for cyber attackers to get a complete hold of the account. With Intune, advanced features like Condition Access Solution, Multi-Factor Authentication, Access Control over resources, and more helps the organization to safeguard their employees’ identities from any future risks or vulnerabilities keeping data within their accounts completely inaccessible by intruders.

Intune BYOD Program for Employees

For those employees who are against complete control by administrators and want to access corporate data via their personal mobile devices, Microsoft Intune has got Bring Your Own Device or BYOD program. Intune via this program manages those apps on personal mobiles only which contain the corporate information via certain app protection policies such as enabling view only setting for confidential documents, disabling copying and sharing function on emails, etc.

Cyber Threat Intelligence with Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft EMS Intune service integrated with the Threat Analytics takes all benefits of Machine Learning and analytics for early detection and investigation of suspicious activities and potential future cyber attacks on a real-time basis regularly. This analytics eliminates cyber threats and also recommends better techniques for quick actions on risky factors.

Manage Mobile applications easily

Mobile device app management is offered for both organization-owned and personal mobile devices providing the administrator authorities like adding and assigning mobile apps to user groups/devices, viewing reports for apps usage and tracking, updating existing apps, configuring apps with certain settings, removing corporate data from the app. Intune also offers mobile app security via app protection policies using Azure AD Identity, flexible access, restrictions, and more.

Centralized Data Management both in Office and Remote

Intune supports remote mobile device management also from a single unified platform which allows concerned authority or administrator to perform certain actions remotely using the portal to secure data and control its access. These actions include restarting the device, locking the device, resetting the device passcode, locating devices, etc.

Microsoft Enterprise & Security is a standard component of the cloud platform that offers advanced data security and access control solution for multiple organizational sectors keeping its highly confidential information secured while working productively every second. With a lot of flexibility and support to multiple OS environments (Windows device management software & MacOS), Android, iOS, corporate-owned, and personal devices, this standard facility has become a trendy one and superior to other mobile device management products and services in the market giving them a tough competition to survive in this challenging cyber competent era where data theft and cyber threats are most prevalent.

Why Waiting? Start with Microsoft Intune today!

If you just learned about the advanced Microsoft security solution through this article, it is the high time you are required to deploy it in your organization. Microsoft Intune is the standard casting from the big software giant and independent of commercial mobile device management products and thus is highly desirable.

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