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Legacy Application Modernization – Boost and Transform your Business Now

Businesses running on old technologies or applications require constant updates to bear certain risks of existence in front of the thriving ones. Both old and new applications can be under the state of modernization based on different criteria. A term known as Legacy Application Modernization that claims to convert legacy systems applications or environment into the modern one is in talk nowadays among different business sectors. Such transformation brings high scalability, flexibility, ease of operation, and great work potential within the business environment.

There are multiple legacy system modernization approaches such as re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, re-architecting, re-engineering, re-factoring, replacement, etc. Each application modernization approach is designed differently for improvement in the legacy work of the process.

  • Re-platforming points out to deliver a fresh platform to the legacy application system environment. E.g. – Cloud application modernization.
  • Re-hosting offers to host legacy applications in different environments providing better infrastructure for better performance.
  • Re-coding includes rewriting completely new codes for the legacy application but on the same definition
  • Re-architecting refers to modification in existing technologies architecture with new technical resources and features
  • Refactoring existing code for applications for better functioning and insights
  • Re-placement approach as the name suggests replacing existing features and resources with the old legacy system in a business

Rebuilding a legacy app system completely is a very hard task but implementing a combination of application modernization approaches to businesses looks like a feasible one.

Is It the Right Time to Go for Legacy Application Modernization?

To realize the need for IT legacy modernization to your business, brainstorming among a group of business representatives is required. There are several points to consider and some for your help are listed here.

  • Existing software is resistant to changes or updates
  • Customer needs are not fulfillable with old app architecture and structure
  • Custom software development services are proving out of budget to run and maintain
  • Application performance is unsatisfactory over a period of time
  • The legacy application system is not secure enough for a long run
  • The system is not compatible with the latest API-based systems (REST, JSON, etc.)
  • System application does not respond to scalability and flexibility

If you have at least three of the above situations existing in your business, then a satisfying customer with your products or services is unimaginable. And, so, moving to the application modernization solutions is the best step to save business authenticity.

Risks Involved with Legacy System

With the regular launch of new technologies and design in the market, old legacy systems which refuse to upgrade its applications suffer a lot. Most of them are unaware of new technology while some consider it very risky for implementation while some do not have an option for updates but replacement is the only choice. So, working for too long with a legacy system without any modernization is a risky involvement. Let us collect some undeniable risks involved with the legacy system.

Complex to Work: 

The legacy system is hard to understand and work with as it may become obsolete after a certain time and no external development service providers will be willing to invest in it anymore.

Slow in Performance: 

Due to the absence of the latest technologies which are more secure and updated which enable users to work without interruptions and with great speed, legacy systems lag behind a lot in performance.

Costly Affair:

It is unfair to work with a legacy system that costs you more than your budget via big operational and maintenance costs.

Low Scalability:

Being connected to the legacy system, it would be complex or impossible to exploit new technologies or platforms unless moved to legacy app modernization.

Lack of Specialists:

It is hard to continue good performance work on the legacy system as there are no development specialists available and are interested to work for old, outdated, and obsolete technologies.

Right Practices for legacy application modernization

The legacy software modernization process is not that simple to implement as it seems because when there is a transformation in any business application development, certain factors play a crucial role in its success otherwise it would cost unyielding efforts and costs. Along with modifications, one needs to follow the right data migration strategy. Here are some best practices to be followed for legacy application modernization.

Finalize what components need to be upgraded

It is viable to assess correct requirements of modernization with expert consultation and existing data. It should be very clear that which component is going to be upgraded and what approaches are required – recoding, re-hosting, re-architecting, re-engineering, etc. to be well-prepared with resources in advance.

Work on the architecture and tech stack

To get high-level standardization in the legal application system, it is recommended to follow architecture modernization and work on the technical solutions and designs unsupported by legacy systems earlier.

Analyze time & cost 

Pre-estimation of time and cost over modernization process including the cost of application modernization technology would benefit in an efficient investment without any idle hour.

Re-hosting, Re-platforming of the existing system

Rather than the complete replacement of the existing system, it would be less complex to modify the existing system with application data migration, hosting, and platform modification for a running one.

Migration of data and move to the cloud 

The secured way to perform modernization is migrating data to cloud and application migration to cloud with an assessed cloud modernization strategy.

Have a Backup

Modernization legacy systems should not be thought of completely reliable as there can be possible chances of failure in application modernization strategy, process, or approach which can lead you nowhere if a proper advance backup plan is not available.

Benefits you get from Legacy Application Modernization

No transformation goes desirable without associated benefits and legacy application modernization benefits are no less to count on.

Reduce Operational Costs

Operational efficiency with mainframe modernization delivers up-to-date versions and new supported technologies which further supports reduced operational costs for a business.

Improves Standardization

With smart cloud migration and modernization, application stands more secure and flexible to have improved standards in the IT industry world.

Improve the Application Functions 

Legacy modernization works to enhance the existing performance of applications through recoding, rehosting and re-platforming techniques.

Enhance Agility 

Retarded legacy systems revive after modernization and become more flexible and quick-in-response to integrate new features and functionalities in response to customer’s demands and expectations.

Easy Handling of New Business Challenges 

The modernized legacy system is prepared to handle new challenges with technologies and coding structures with recoding, rearchitecting, and restructuring modernization approaches.

Improves Data Security

Regular updates for bug fixing and security enhancements with modern application development helps the legacy system to stay secure all the time.

All the above benefits of application modernization are fascinating for legacy system owners and motivate them to bring a new revolution in their application business.

Step towards Legacy Application Modernization Now!

Now with all that discussion, if you desire to upgrade your legacy system to a modern environment or want to involve in cloud modernization but feeling guideless, then think your problem is resolved.

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