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A Glimpse of UiPath Automation Cloud Release

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, has announced the effect of bringing to the market Automation Cloud Robots alongside other powerful new capabilities as a part of the UiPath 2022.4 platform release. UiPath Automation Cloud is a cloud-based Enterprise SaaS solution, that possesses the capabilities to provide enterprises with the ready-to-provision and use an all-inclusive automation foundation to help businesses manage all resources and automation work from one place.
It allows organizations to achieve quick outcomes with higher levels of accuracy by helping them deploy, operate and scale next-gen automation with the utmost ease. The UiPath robotic process automation comes equipped with a host of added features that makes it incredibly easy for developers to create automation while at the same time exercising an added level of control over security and governance.
With UiPath Automation Cloud, you can carry out a host of work including managing your licenses, managing access to different services, managing multiple accounts, obtaining access to Orchestrator services to create robots, run processes and jobs, create schedules, and pretty carry out almost all industrial robotic automation from one secure centralized location in the cloud

What is UiPath Automation Cloud

UiPath Automation Cloud is a web-based interface built to deploy, manage, and optimize both attended and unattended robots. This is made possible by employing a cloud-based Orchestrator service. This upgrade from UiPath does away with the need of undergoing a lengthy and complex installation process. The entire system has been modeled on plug and play method resulting in an uncomplicated and quick way to begin the RPA journey. It is known that as far as RPA is concerned, the entire process of setting up the infrastructure falls a bit on the complicated side. UiPath Cloud Automation (UiPath AC) takes care of the infrastructure and simplifies the entire process for RPA vendors as well as for the clients.
UiPath robotic process automation cloud is designed both for community and enterprise users. UiPath service allows you to complete the entire cycle of conception to production to deployment within a matter of few days for small deployments, and a few days more for large deployments.
Important features of the UiPath Automation Cloud package are as follows:

No fee from individuals and small businesses

UiPath cloud automation is free for businesses with less than 250 Employees as well as individuals using the community edition for production. The free edition offers two UiPath Studios with 2 attended bots and 1 unattended bot, residing in the cloud.

Two months enterprise trial period

UiPath automation cloud for enterprise comes with a 60-day trial period where businesses can avail the myriad number of enterprise services such as adding an uptime guarantee, support for SLAs, and scalability facility to add limitless robots and studios, with the facility to host them in different regions.

Easy and quick signup

A striking feature of the new automation cloud in UiPath is the provision of one-minute signup without any need for local infrastructure.

Dashboard views

The dashboard view makes it extremely easy for users to keep a tab on all the happenings from a single place. A variety of tasks and processes such as usage, licensing, robot fleet, and automations are displayed in a simple and structured way for easy understanding.

Benefits of UiPath automation cloud

UiPath robotic process automation allows developers to rapidly build applications and helps businesses leverage the power of the cloud to effortless scale up their automation programs as per their needs and business objectives.
Some of the important benefits of the UiPath automation cloud are as follows:
#1. Lower costs as an investment in IT infrastructure not required: As a business operating in a highly competitive business environment, you can lower your costs as automation can be done without complex IT infrastructure to manage on-premises Orchestrator servers.
#2. Collaboration: It comes equipped with sophisticated cloud automation tools that promote greater collaboration through cloud accounts.
#3. Faster route to production: After you have prototyped your initial automation in UiPath Studio, you can simply deploy them in the cloud and begin production.
#4. Automatic license activation: Orchestrator licensing as well as licensing for Robots & Studio are automatically licensed once connected to services in UiPath Automation Cloud.
#5. Scale quickly and easily with expansion: As your business grows, you can request and get as many licenses as you need for seamless scalation of your orchestration capabilities.
#6. Instant access to new functionalities: UiPath automation cloud allows you to quickly access innovative functionalities and products from your cloud account.
#7. Keep track of changes: Audit logs allow you to be fully aware of what’s happening in your organization.

Features with new released UiPath automation cloud

New features now available in the newly released UiPath automation include:
Seamless development: Makes the entire development process a breeze. With low code tools and templates, extended options for integrations, and speedier performance, the latest automation cloud UiPath eliminates friction and complexity from the development process.
Automation access for all: The latest edition offers Mac users for the first time the facility for API and web automation, plus support for UiPath Assistant. Linux robots now support long-running workflows and are designed to quickly run cross-platform jobs.
Heightened Security and Compliance: Security and compliance upgrades in 2022.4 with features like Automation Cloud HIPAA attestation allow businesses to adopt UiPath cloud solutions with confidence.
Additionally, UiPath is increasing its monetization offering through its UiPath Marketplace. This offers a unique opportunity for UiPath partners and independent vendors to generate additional revenue by offering customized services.

Expanding automation cloud in future with UiPath

Automation is fast becoming the norm in a rapidly digitizing world. In the latest version of the UiPath automation cloud, the company has extended its cloud-based Enterprise SaaS solution by offering Automation Cloud™ Robots as a new robot option. In line with the company’s cloud-first policy, the latest version offers the capability for scaling robots hosted entirely by UiPath in Automation Cloud. This in turn allows businesses to quickly avail of as many robot facilities as they want in all six regions without having to invest in building their own IT infrastructure.
The latest version consists of two Automation Cloud Robots: VM Automation Cloud Robot and Serverless Automation Cloud Robot. The company has also introduced a flexible licensing approach that allows enterprises to buy “Robot Units” in a bundle.
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