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Curbside pickup in ecommerce store for shoppers and retailers

Curbside pickup and pickup in store – why retailers and shoppers should opt this feature in this pandemic era.

Retailers need to take proactive steps to try new ways of revenue, otherwise, they will shutter a lot.  This is all because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This pandemic has placed traditional retailers under a severe condition. Now, they need to look for alternative options for omnichannel frontrunners. Curbside pickup is one of the best options for retailers to get the complete value of their revenue. It will give you an opportunity to endure the slowdown caused by COVID-19. 

Many retailers are already trying to transform their way of operating as 2020 is all about maintaining business along with following lockdown rules. We have entered into a completely different world from the one we left before this pandemic era.

We suggest retailers and shoppers to opt for the curbside pickup feature during the COVID-19 pandemic to shop while being safe. Let’s discuss this feature in detail to know how this pickup in-store feature can help retailers and shoppers during the pandemic time.

Outlook on Curbside Pickup and Pickup in Store

Understanding the need of the hour and still doing business is necessary for retailers. Curbside pickup is the safest option to maintain social distancing and stay safe while shopping. It is an advanced step towards the click-and-collect process of shopping and it can change the whole game for retailers during this pandemic era. It is definitely going to be sticking around with this new norm world.

Curbside pickup allows shoppers to make their purchases remotely (mainly through eCommerce sites, and rarely through phone calls) and then picking their orders from outside the store without entering into it. It is a safe way to skip shipping costs as well as maintain all the social distancing measures. Customers can visit their favorite local store to shop even during the shutdown of in-store shopping.

The convenience of buying online and pick up in-store isn’t going to fade away even after the end of social distancing measures. Every customer would appreciate the ability to do curbside pickup shopping as they do not need to pay shipping charges. Shoppers can easily manage their busy schedules with pick up in-store shopping options.

Curbside pickup is a variant of BOPIS which stands for Buy Online, Pickup In-Store. It is the core of omnichannel retail services. As we are stepping forward in this pandemic era, together these services are the main key to success for retailers. You can also call it grab & go and click and collect as per your choice.

Making Curbside for Shoppers and Retailers

Who doesn’t want flexibility and convenience while shopping? Shoppers want to complete their purchases quickly without any hassle. Curbside is a key for retailers to deliver these types of shopping experiences to their customers. It enables customers to conveniently do all the steps of shopping such as selecting their items according to their free time for pick up.

Benefits for retailers:

Better online store inventory management

This involves combining all components of a retail store such as ordering, storing, and create real-time analytics on your product which you have ordered, full cycle time, location handling helps in cost-saving, and reducing the risk of overselling and thus improves customer engagement.

Easy Integration with an existing Ecommerce store

That sounds good right! In most cases, retailers prefer existing websites or stores for their business and they require some of the custom features and designs. This can be easily done through many platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and more modern technologies based on the retailer’s expectations and requirements. 

Fast product delivery

Getting your products in your hands fastly is more important and BOPIS can do it exactly for you. Order picking and delivery schedule can give you the exact time of delivery and make it very fast for you.

Omnichannel Evolution with curbside pickup

Omnichannel is nothing but you can shop whether you are online or offline. This implies a completely incorporated client journey that gives them the opportunity to pick up and how they interact with your business. 

Benefits for shoppers:

Personalized Experience

Using BOPIS you can feel like a direct connection with your store. This feature enables you to communicate with your customers by asking for opinions, ratings, simple questionnaires to make your shopping experience personalized. 

Same Day Delivery

With buy online pickup in-store features, shoppers can easily order online and pick up the in-store the same day without any extra shipping fees. It saves you from hassle filled store purchases with many other available shoppers. You can easily maintain social distance and can do online shopping with one-day delivery option.

 No shipping fees

Order online and pick up in-store your purchase means you definitely are saving your shipping fees. No shipping fees mean relief to not pay extra for your daily shopping items.


Online shopping with one-day delivery as you are picking your own purchase will save your time. Curbside customer services are best to opt as you can take your order while coming back to your home. You would need not wait for order delivery. Even you can save your time because you need not look for available slots of delivery. You can buy online pick up in-store anytime as per your convenience.

Summing Up!

Every shopper desires a comfortable experience while shopping and that’s why retailers should opt for BOPIS, curbside pick up that ultimately satisfies the shopper experience and place the product in hands of the customers fastly. To know more about BOPIS and curbside pickup store for your eCommerce retail business, Reach us now