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Angular version 12 update- Breaking Changes and New features. Bringing contrast with angular 11.

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Angular is a Javascript structure written in typescript. Over 73,000 stars on GitHub, are maintained by the Angular team at Google.

Google hand out a new major version release every six months. After a long await Angular version 12 was released by Google on 12th May 2021. The New version of Ivy everywhere seems to be smaller, faster which also helps to entitle the adaption of Angular ecosystem to Ivy compiler.

Sounds cool? Let’s have a look at the features, performance, and Major analogies.

What’s new in Angular 12 2021

Since the release of Angular version 12, many stylish improvements give developers the upper hand to write cleaner code in Typescript and Angular templates. It helps to reduce the framework. Which automatically leads to remove Legacy. It also offers Webpack 5 and TypeScript 4.2 support. Ultimately it helps to improve test time quickly. Using a stick model helps to sort out the errors earlier in the development cycle.

Since Angular version 12 is easily accessible on GitHub. Ivy rendered as cutting-edge technology; it helps developers to gather and deliver with quicker AOT compilation. In future delivery, the view engine is out. The current libraries can utilize the view engine in any case work with Ivy applications. So, the library creators are uplifted and starting the transition to Ivy.

In version 12, the developers improved the learning experience to commute the changes in documentation, content, guides, and videos for the error message.

The main focus for the Angular is Zoneless Angular which ultimately puts the bedrock for making Zone.JS. Developers run the show.

Almost every year. The survey took more than 30,000 responses. To make Angular better with the feedback, suggestions, and requests. So, the developers have plans for faster and fascinating improvements.

Exclusive features in Angular 12

 Ivy everywhere:

  • In the new Angular version 12. The view engine denounced. The developers are working over ongoing deliveries towards the equitable of embedding the Angular ecosystem on Ivy. This is the reason it’s called Ivy everywhere.
  • If the existing libraries are using view engines, they Do not need to be worried. Because it will just work fine with Ivy Application.


 Resetting from i18n message IDs:

  • As we understand that it is delicate to use the legacy message ID formats. Like whitespaces, ICU expressions, and format templates. By understanding this. The Angular team restarted the new standard message ID design.
  • These designs are considerably looking alluring and intuitive, as the look speaks. It also minimizes the invalidation and retranslation cost.  Since Angular 11 where auto-configured to use the new message IDs. At present, Angular 12 has the availability of essential tools to move with existing translations.


 Planning for future Protractor:

  • The core purpose of it is the team is working with the community to decide and manage the fate of the protractor. Since this is one of the latest features of Angular 12. With the help of the feedbacks shred in the RFC. The community is sorting out the errors for the best future for the protractor.
  • The new tasks have been chosen and excluded. All things are carefully thought and enhance with alternative famous 3rd party solutions in the Angular CLI. The teams are presently working to assist in many possible ways. For the angular development company with clinical solutions.


Nullish Coalescing:

  • The release of Angular 12 features will excite the typescript developers. Because the nullish coalescing helps us to write the cleaner code. Right now, it is also acceptable in Angular 12 templates.
  • Right now, in the templates. The developers can utilize the new syntax structure. Which helps to enhance the complex coding.

Complex code:

{{age !== null && age !== undefined ? age : calculateAge() }}

New syntax structure:

{{ age ?? calculateAge() }}


 Angular learning:

  • For a better learning experience. Google always be an endeavor. Due to those reasons, we may notice some changes in the Angular 12 documentation with the publishment of the content projection guide.
  • To improve the project documentation. The Contributors guide helps the developers. Since the release of Angular 11, the community always shares useful ways to debug the guides and videos.


 Upgrade in style:

  • In Angular 12, the best part is, they have added support to the inline SaaS in the styling field and component decorators. In the previous version. The SaaS was just accessible in the outside resource due to the Angular compiler. We can make it look even better in the current version by adding inline-style language.
  • Internally Angular CDK and material have adopted SaaS’s new module framework. If the application is running on any of the CDK or Material we need to change it from Node-sass to sass npm package.
  • With the NG update by refreshing the application it will automatically change to the new Sass API.

Disapproving support for IE11:

  • It’s time to say that we are upgrading and it’s time to say we bid farewell to internet explorer 11. Angular is well known and it is an evergreen platform. By knocking out the support for the legacy browsers gives the modern solution.
  • It’s bad news for the IE users. Their favorite browser, will not be supported by the new version of Angular.

What’s next will be in the Angular release?

Better Developer Ergonomics @angular/forms

  • Allows the developer to catch more issues during the development time.
  • Enable better text editor and IED support.

Leverage Full Framework Capabilities with Zone.js Opt-Out

  • Plans to design and implement a plan to make Zone.js
  • A simplified framework improved debugging reduced application bundle can be expected.

Reducing Framework Overheard by Removing Legacy

  • Plans to remove legacy view engine for Smaller Angular overhead
  • Lower codebase casualty, lower maintenance cost, smaller package size.

Improve Test Times and Automatic Test Environment Tear Down

  • The testBed can help to tear down the test environment after each test run.
  • Improve test time and create better isolation.

Improve Build Performance With ngc as a tsc Plug-In Distribution

  • Angular compiler as plugin and Typescript compiler is available.
  • Developers can build performance and helps to reduce costs.

Support Adding Directives to Host Elements

  • ability to add directives to host elements.
  • Can able to augment the components with different behaviors.

Simplified Angular Mental Model with Optional NgModules

  • It simplifies the learning journey.
  • It helps to develop standalone components and implements the alternative API.

Ergonomic Component Level Code-Splitting APIs

  • By applying more granular code-splitting on a component level improves the load time.
  • Wijmo Are supporting Angular since the 1st version. By providing more toolsets and webpage for an enterprise can be developed so efficiently and elegantly.

Start upgrading to Angular 12 now!


Angular 12 is one of the unique ones which comes with a pile of improvements. Along with Angular 12 features. We also nurtured future updates. The Angular roadmap is to focus on a “Zoneless Angular” which gives more control to the developers.  The Beta version has been released and came up with some Major changes in May. While looking at the Angular latest V12 looks to be on the floor stably for a long time and helps in web and mobile app development. Let’s hope for more surprises from the Angular team in the coming days.

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