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Overview: Maximize Business Agility

Cloud computing has become an integral part of various business organizations of various magnitudes and types. Cloud computing as an integral part of any venture and it primarily allows the companies to focus on how to deliver the best without any irritants and hassles posed by hardware and software. Cloud computing allows companies to reach its peak of productivity and popularity easily. They can be of good use yields as return on investments; whether it is processing, storage or any other cloud services. It also helps in implementing a high level of automation to tasks, which was not possible in the past, saves business time and money.

Cloud migration services: Helping you reach for the Cloud

CG-VAK Cloud migration services, guides you through this exciting and rapidly changing process. The Cloud is evolving at a velocity that is blowing ‘latest’ infrastructure out of server rooms, rendering them legacy liabilities almost overnight.

For facilitating effective, secure, and cost-efficient cloud migration, CG-VAK has a well-defined service in place.

Assess – we conduct a structured review of your existing software; and identify the best candidates for migration; and prepare a cost-benefit analysis at this stage.

Concept Phase is the second stage of our cloud migration services; during which, we build a pilot. Some of the candidates selected for migration will be connected to the cloud. Once the pilot project is tested and confirmed, the other sections are migrated.

Data Migration and application migration phase is the third stage of cloud migration services and during this phase the date migration plan is devised and executed.

CG-VAK’s cloud migration services will leverage the cloud, providing you high auto-scaling, automation, and on-demand availability to your customers.

Cloud Testing:

Today Cloud offers huge opportunities for ISVs to provide their product offerings to customers who could not afford on premise s/w in the past. However, migrating to the Cloud has its own set of challenges and risks such as data integrity, security, privacy, business acceptability, etc. In order to overcome such challenges, thorough testing of such applications becomes imperative though traditional methods of testing on premise software might not prove affective. Some of the major challenges faced in testing are typically infrastructure setup, establishment of proper tools and processes, availability of skilled test engineers. Cost along with these challenges causes the decision makers to compromise on critical aspects and release software without completely validating their products. CG-VAK’s cloud based testing model helps overcome these challenges in testing.

Why Cloud Computing!

  • Cloud computing allows the management to focus more on their business and not on managing data centers.
  • Helps in developing new applications faster.
  • Leveraging cloud provider’s API can support the business to automate many of their operational tasks.
  • Cloud computing is highly economical.
  • Cloud computing allows business to expand their global presence.
  • Cloud computing allows business to grow without worrying about infrastructure.
  • Security is a crucial component of the cloud.
  • It supports the business to access everything as it lives in the cloud

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